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Advantages, disadvantages and precautions of manual packer.

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What are the advantages of H-300 P-300 packer:

1. Our combined manual packer comes from ybico /model H-300 P-300, an old brand of packer, which is stable, reliable and durable

2. This H-300 P-300 packer adopts new technology, winch type tensioning device and infinite tightening mode. The manual packer adopts extended handle and combines the principle and technology of lever. It should be easy and labor-saving with pet steel buckle and work for a long time without effort

the service life of H-300 P-300 manual packers is several times longer than that of market packers:

1. There are many enterprises producing and manufacturing manual packers, especially the domestic (Wenzhou – Linyi, Shandong) manual packers. The quality can be said to be very poor, and the service life is about 2-3 months

2. Compared with the domestic manual baler, our H-300 P-300 manual baler is easier and labor-saving in practical operation. In the process of use, it is not a problem that the service life of this manual baler is 5-10 times longer than that of the domestic baler. The normal warranty of this H-300 P-300 manual baler provided by kembic is one year

H-300 P-300 plastic steel belt manual packer usage:

1. This manual packer is different from (traditional packer) in actual operation

2. The packing button used by our H-300 P-300 packer is (PET button – half open type). This kind of packing button is very convenient. For example, you put our H-300 tensioner into the product, tighten the packing belt, put the packing button from the side, bite the packing button with our matching P-300 pliers, and press the tensioner handle to automatically cut the belt to complete the packing quickly and easily

which products must be used (new pet manual packer):

1. Heavy goods: the common PP packer for this kind of products cannot be bound, and the tension of domestic top PP packing belt is (200kg), so for products with a weight of more than 2 tons, the PP packing belt can be said to be helpless, but we can choose our H300 + P300 manual packer, which can pack products with a weight limit of less than 6 tons. There is no problem

2. Large goods: large goods must be packaged by manual packer (P300 electric packer /kbq-19 pneumatic packer), which is mainly because it is not easy to carry and place large goods on the semi-automatic packer, so this kind of manual packer must be used, and the portable packer can complete the packaging

3. Small quantity: some small and medium-sized enterprises must use this kind of packer when they encounter large mechanical products that pack several products from January to a year. Because you buy an electric packer, the investment cost of the pneumatic packer is high. Taking this kind of manual packer can achieve the binding effect and make the binding stronger

1. The manual /manual packer is not as convenient as the kg-16 packer in all aspects. It will be replaced by our kg-16 portable packer. In the 1990s, the manual packer was the main product of packaging tools. Because it was underdeveloped at that time, without these pneumatic, electric packers can be selected

2. Now, with the enhancement of the meaning of environmental protection, we all know that (manual /manual packaging) takes the tensioner to tighten the packaging belt first, and then uses the iron buckle to bite the joint. This cumbersome operation can not keep up with the efficiency of current needs. Because the iron buckle link is adopted at the joint, it can not meet the requirements of environmental protection, so this is a policy environmental protection. Kg-16 will soon replace the application of manual /manual packer

3. From the perspective of cost, the manual /manual packer needs an iron buckle for each packing belt, and the iron buckle is not worth money. The manual packer consumes a few cents for each belt, while our kg-16 portable Buckle FREE packer will save the cost of a packing buckle for the enterprise for long-term accounting, Kg-16 hot melt packer can save a lot of costs for enterprises

advantages of manual packer: cheap, disadvantages: low efficiency, not suitable for mass packaging, and the cost of card deduction is required

brother, you don’t ask this question clearly. There are many kinds of manual packers, including manual steel belt packer, manual plastic steel belt packer, manual electric packer and manual pneumatic packer. It’s hard to answer

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