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Are Yili packers tired

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whether you are tired or not mainly depends on the individual. As long as you have a good rest after work, you can have fun at work. Working hours are three shifts, and all rules and regulations are very strict

packers are also general workers in packaging factories, and their responsibilities are subdivided

1. The packer is mainly responsible for packaging the processed products; Make products more attractive and increase sales

2. General workers other than packers are mainly responsible for the processing and installation of product parts on the assembly line

extended data:

Yili is divided into many business divisions. The gap between each business division is still relatively large, but the overall salary of leaders is very high and that of ordinary employees is relatively low

the salary level of packaging is 3000 yuan to 4500 yuan, and some companies can reach more than 6000 yuan. Working hours are 10 to 12 hours, and overtime is sometimes required on Saturdays and Sundays

there are characteristics in terms of food. Hui people don’t eat pork, so it is highly recommended to consider weight loss, but there are still eggs, chicken and fish. Subsidies are mostly distributed in milk products. However, one thing is that the employees go to work all year round. There are no holidays for the Chinese New Year and major festivals, but the overtime pay is compensated

I’m tired to death. I work 12 hours a day and have to work overtime in the peak season. I’ve been standing for more than 1000 a month. If it’s a filler who operates the machine, it’s better. I advise you not to do the work of cattle and horses. No future.

don’t go. The probation period is six months. Last 12 off 24. It’s tiring for four years. In July of 19, it’s up to 3000 a month. There is a reason to recruit people every day. It’s just a pit. The same goes for the filling workers. They earn so much during the probation period. After becoming a regular worker, more than 4000 and 5000 are a big problem. They can only help you here. Don’t be fooled again

Yili company is divided into several business divisions
cold drink (ice cream) packers: refers to opening the packaging machine and packing the ice cream into the packaging bag. They mainly deal with the machine. They are considered as key types of work, and the salary is very good

liquid milk packer: half refers to putting the milk into the carton in the later stage, and then sealing and stacking it; The work is very tired. In fact, there is another kind of packer for liquid milk, which is easier. Just adjust the machine and put it in the carton. However, generally, the shortage of people is transferred directly from the back section. All the directly recruited packaging stations are tired in the back section

milk powder packer: the same as the liquid milk business department

standing for 12 hours

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