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Can mung beans be eaten in vacuum bags for more than 4 years?

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1 how long is the shelf life of mung beans
it depends on the specific situation

dried mung beans
if they are dry, they can be stored for more than two years, but they must be stored in a dry environment and wrapped with fresh-keeping film. Pay attention to mildew or moth eaten, and you can’t eat it

fresh mung beans
if they are fresh mung beans, the maximum shelf life is only about one month, because at this time, mung beans contain more water, and bad storage will lead to mildew or insects

mung bean dim sum
If mung beans are made into products such as dim sum, they will be frozen or refrigerated, and the shelf life will become very short, usually only one week, up to half a month

2 how to keep mung beans free from insects
1 Wash the beverage bottle (choose the appropriate size of the beverage bottle according to the stock of mung beans) to ensure that the beverage bottle is not damaged and does not leak. The beverage bottle shall be controlled for water purification and dried. After making sure the bottle is dry, take a funnel and pour the mung beans to be stored into the beverage bottle

2. After all mung beans are loaded, cover them and tighten them. Open the freezer of the refrigerator, take out the drawer of the freezer, and put the beverage bottle containing mung beans into it. After putting the drawer back into the refrigerator freezer, close the refrigerator door

3. After freezing for 4 hours, remove the beverage bottle containing mung beans from the refrigerator. At this time, the pupae or larvae in mung beans have been frozen to death. When eating mung beans every time, after pouring mung beans from the beverage bottle, immediately cover the bottle and tighten it to prevent moths from flying in again. In this way, mung beans will no longer bear insects

4. Put the mung beans into the basket, soak the basket and mung beans in boiling water and stir quickly for half a minute to kill the surface changed insects and eggs. Immediately pour the mung beans into ice water to cool. Expose the cooled mung beans to the sun and only dry them thoroughly. Put mung beans in a buckle moisture-proof box with good confidentiality, so that mung beans will not be infested for at least half a year. In addition, keeping mung beans in a vacuum environment will improve the preservation quality of mung beans

3 how to choose a good mung bean
when choosing mung beans, we first look at the color and whether there are signs of yellowing. The yellowing mung beans are generally not fresh, and whether there are insects or plum rotten mung beans. Generally, good mung beans have full particles. If there are wrinkled mung beans, such mung beans are not fresh, and mung beans with pungent smell are not suitable for purchase.

although mung beans are vacuum packed, they will also have a certain impact after four years. Although they have not deteriorated and can be eaten, they will also have some problems in nutritional composition. It is best not to eat them easily

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