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Can plastic bottles be used for pickles

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Is it possible to keep pickles from spoilage or mildew

not all plastic bottles can be used to hold food. There is a need for salty, salty food, especially plastic. Vacuum packaging can keep pickles from deterioration or mildew for a long time. If the temperature is appropriate, such as 20 ℃, vacuum packaging can be stored for 60 days without any preservatives.

No, the jar has a thick wall, is well sealed, is opaque, and is not easy to change the temperature. Different materials also affect the pickled dishes. Plastic bottles can’t do these things

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 you can't use plastic bottles to hold pickles

1. Plastics are chemical products, which may pollute pickles

2. Plastic bottles still contain a small amount of ethylene monomer. Pickles in plastic bottles will make people dizzy, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, memory loss, etc. in severe cases, it may also lead to anemia

3. When plastic bottles are used for pickles, the bottles will be aged by the effects of oxygen and ultraviolet rays, releasing more ethylene monomers, which will make the pickles stored in the bottles deteriorate and taste

4. When pickles are bottled in plastic bottles, harmful substances in the plastic bottles will penetrate into the pickles, and bacteria will reproduce repeatedly in the bottles, which may release carcinogens and affect health

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