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Classification and treatment of out of tolerance of packaging scale

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in industrial production, packaging scale out of tolerance is generally divided into two types in the industry, which are defined according to their out of tolerance range. These out of tolerance must be strictly controlled in the production process. In case of general out of tolerance, we allow the out of tolerance range to be 20g ~ 200g, while the other so-called serious out of tolerance is that the out of tolerance exceeds 500g. These two situations are quite common. Next, according to the distinguishing methods of two kinds of out of tolerance in the industry and some simple cases, I will introduce to you:

1. The first case is generally out of tolerance. It is simpler to solve this out of tolerance. We can eliminate the causes of equipment faults. Most of them are caused by improper setting of control parameters and sticking or falling off of sticking materials in the hopper, We only need to modify the control parameters and adjust the drop (CPS) in a small range. The specific methods are as follows:
if the out of tolerance range of the scale is small, such as 40.25kg (greater than the set 40kg), the drop value can be increased appropriately
if the out of tolerance range of the scale is small, such as 39.65kg (less than the set 40kg), the drop value can be appropriately reduced

2. Generally, the drop (CPS) value is generally controlled at 0 2~0. 5, if the set value exceeds 0.5 5, the out of tolerance shall be adjusted by changing the large feeding (SP1) parameters instead of the drop (CPS), because the drop (CPS) value is too large, which will affect the measurement accuracy
3. Generally, the setting range of large feeding (SP1) parameters is 8kg ~ 12kg. If the fine feeding time is too short, it is easy to cause fluctuation. If the fine feeding time is too long, the packaging speed will be too slow
4. If the out of tolerance still cannot be eliminated by adjusting the drop (CPS) and large feeding (SP1), it can be solved by clearing and calibrating the scale
as for the out of tolerance treatment of packaging scale, the purpose of using automatic control system in industrial production is to replace manual control, and the production is carried out automatically to a certain extent. In chemical production, in order to ensure the quality and output of products, it is necessary to automatically control the temperature, pressure, flow, material level and composition of chemical production process. The function of chemical automatic control system is to ensure that the parameters of process production are stable or changed according to some requirements. Large out of tolerance will not only affect the production, increase the workload of operation and reduce the packaging speed, but also produce claims and affect the economic benefits of the factory. The automatic quantitative packaging scale we use is one of the aspects of chemical automatic control system

the core part of the electronic scale packaging machine is the electronic scale control system. The electrical control system adopts the weighing controller, programmable logic controller (PLC), frequency converter, motor and other core components. They are all intelligent instruments using microcomputer processor. Weighing controller, symmetrical weight signal acquisition and processing; PC can coordinate and control the whole action process
the electronic control system has the functions of automatic zero correction, automatic peeling, air volume compensation, automatic metering accumulation and so on. It not only has fast timing speed, but also has high metering accuracy. It is very suitable for weighing and filling granular and powdery materials in our factory. Due to the advanced intelligent instrument (f701), the whole control system has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, simple circuit, long service life, reliable operation and convenient operation and maintenance

finally, let’s talk about a simple method to deal with the out of tolerance: generally, what we often see is the accidental out of tolerance caused by the influence of wind pressure. In this case, the first and second bags or the last two bags are not allowed to be inaccurate, so we just need to strictly control the indicator light on the operation box and turn off the changes of materials, There are some basic use errors of the machine, which can avoid the out of tolerance of the packaging scale. In the process of using the machine, we should also pay attention to properly adjust the production process of the machine according to the error range of the out of tolerance of the packaging scale, so as to reduce or even avoid the out of tolerance of the packaging scale.

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