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Coca Cola will launch a new paper bottle packaging. Are you looking forward to it?

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Coca Cola’s packaging alone has lasted for many years, and many netizens have been used to such packaging, but Coca Cola has launched a new packaging, which many netizens don’t buy very much. I personally don’t expect it very much. I still like the original packaging

Coca Cola’s new packaging is mainly built by Coca Cola and Danish company paboco. The biggest highlight is the Coca Cola bottle body. It is made of paper and made of a kind of Nordic wood pulp paper. The geology is very tough and has good plasticity

First, Coca Cola has replaced the original packaging

the original packaging paper of Coca Cola has been used for many years. It can be said that everyone is used to the packaging of Coca Cola. Then it was revealed that Coca Cola launched a new paper packaging, which many netizens were not particularly optimistic about

but one good thing about this kind of wrapping paper is that it is a degradable plastic protective film, which can effectively prevent the corrosion, penetration or leakage of carbonated drinks. Because it is made of degradable plastic, it also has a certain degree of environmental protection. The packaging of this beverage is not only very convenient, but also greatly reduces the raw materials

secondly, the design of Coca Cola packaging bottle is relatively good, because its lower part is a wrinkle, which can effectively prevent the coke from falling off from the hand

Second, the voice of opposition is greater than the voice of approval

for the new packaging of Coca Cola, the voice of opposition on the Internet is greater than the voice of pause. Although Coca Cola has a certain environmental protection in its heart and belongs to a degradable plastic, this degradable thing is caused by trees. Therefore, some netizens questioned it and kept cutting trees and making paper, Is this environmental protection

now China and other countries in the world attach great importance to environmental protection, and many countries have also launched some environmentally friendly plastics and paper. This is conducive to protecting the environment and reducing the waste of resources

Many food industries in China need plastics, but these plastics are very difficult to degrade and have caused serious damage to China’s environment. Therefore, now we promote the use of a degradable material to make some things to protect the environment, reduce environmental pollution and reduce the utilization of some resources in China, This is also for sustainable development

I’m looking forward to it. Because Coca Cola has always been very creative, I want to see what are the highlights and attractions of Coca Cola packaged in paper bottles.

personally, I look forward to Coca Cola’s new purple bottle packaging. I think they have always been very creative and can bring us some interesting experiences.

I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t used it after all, and it may change our living habits. Therefore, I’m looking forward to it. I think all product packaging should be replaced with paper bottles.

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