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Coca Cola will launch paper bottle packaging. What kind of packaging bottle is it?

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for the paper bottle packaging of Coca Cola, it can be simply understood as the “green bottle” produced by environmental protection in the process of social development, we pay more and more attention to the environment

Coca Cola’s success in the beverage field must be unmatched. Even Pepsi Cola has no more eye-catching data than Coca Cola. However, in the process of its rapid development, Coca Cola has gradually become the largest manufacturer of plastic waste in the world. In order to alleviate the actual needs of consumers, they will not start from their own image

I. more “green” and environmental protection

Coca Cola will launch paper bottle packaging, which is actually made of degradable environmental protection materials. The packaging made of new materials is not only good in strength and toughness. Even in terms of durability, there is no need for poor plastic packaging. More importantly, this paper packaging bottle can be 100% degraded. Such environmentally friendly paper packaging bottles will certainly be the key promotion direction of Coca Cola

in order to test the actual use of this new package, Coca Cola also specially launched a fruit shake beverage. Unfortunately, this drink can only be bought in Hungary

II. Easier to shape

this paper packaging bottle is not only more environmentally friendly, but also easier on the total plasticity. In this way, the paper packaging bottle of this material can be used in more scenarios. At the same time, such paper packaging bottles can play an important role in customization. As long as it is a conceivable shape, it is easy to do with such materials

III. Coca Cola needs to bear its own social responsibility

Coca Cola companies also need to bear their own social responsibility when their business is gradually expanding. The development of a company should not only focus on its own economic benefits, but also fulfill its own social responsibilities. Coca Cola company, if it can vigorously promote this environmentally friendly packaging, will make a significant contribution to the world’s environment

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Coca Cola has a large sales volume all over the world. The packaging is changed this time. The material is made of paper shell made of Nordic wood pulp paper, including plastic lining and recyclable plastic cover, which is said to be 100% recyclable and degradable. It has certain significance for environmental protection.

the top of the product package is smooth paper with printable logo, and several folds are made at the bottom for hand grip convenience. Moreover, this is made of wood pulp, which can be recycled and degraded for use.

in fact, it can ensure that the food we eat is healthy and there is no harmful gas without too much environmental pollution. In fact, it is packaged in paper boxes.

this paper bottle packaging is very environmentally friendly. It is developed from paper and other things. Even if it is filled with water, it will not leak. Its appearance is very simple and tall.

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