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Development trend of packaging design

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1) green packaging design suitable for environmental protection
2) packaging design suitable for highlighting commodity personalization
3) packaging design suitable for modern commodities sold by e-commerce
4) security and anti-counterfeiting packaging design
strengthening the visual effect of packaging design and strengthening the technology of packaging and printing industry has become a powerful weapon in the action of combating counterfeiting and safeguarding rights. We can use special texture paper, specific pigment and packaging design technology in packaging design, such as hologram, genuine inspection seal, shallow relief embossing, etc. to obtain specific effects, so that those fake and shoddy goods will retreat because of excessive replication cost or unrealistic effect. Therefore, the combination of innovative methods of packaging design and printing industry technology integrating high-tech achievements to pursue incisive and unique originality and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging design industry in the future

the packaging trends of various industries are different, and the packaging is also different according to different sales channels. However, now the overall packaging is simple and cold, but it seems to have texture and height. It is no longer the era of pursuing fancy in the past. It still depends on specific products. You can read more books on packaging design.

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