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Diatom mud top ten brands ranking

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diatom mud is a natural environmental protection interior wall decoration material in decoration, which is used to replace wallpaper and emulsion paint. It is suitable for interior wall decoration of villas, apartments, hotels, homes, hospitals and so on. Diatom mud can effectively decompose harmful carcinogens such as methanol and benzene, and is deeply welcomed by consumers, The following editor will introduce the top ten ranking of diatom mud:

diatom mud introduction:

diatom mud is a natural environmental protection interior wall decoration material, it is used to replace wallpaper and latex paint for interior wall decoration and indoor air purification. Powder packaging, not liquid barrel

the main raw material of diatom mud is diatomite, a diatom mineral formed over hundreds of millions of years. Diatom is a kind of algae living in oceans and lakes. Diatom mud is a natural substance deposited by diatom, an aquatic plankton living millions of years ago. Its main component is opal, which is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals and has a light and soft texture. Electron microscope shows that its particle surface has countless tiny holes, with a porosity of more than 90% and a specific surface area of 65 ㎡ /g. It is this outstanding molecular sieve structure that determines its unique function – it has extremely strong physical adsorption performance and ion exchange performance. Spraying water on a large area of the wall can absorb a large amount of water, indicating that it has extremely strong adsorption and slowly and continuously releases negative oxygen ions, which can effectively decompose harmful carcinogens such as formaldehyde, benzene and radon

diatom mud has a wide range of applications can be applied in the following places: & nbsp; Families (living room, bedroom, study, nursery, ceiling, etc.), apartments, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, hospitals, nursing homes, clubs, theme clubs, high-end hotels, resort hotels & nbsp; Office buildings, style restaurants, etc


diatom mud itself has no pollution, is pure natural, and has a variety of functions, which is unmatched by traditional coatings such as latex paint and wallpaper. There is no need to move when decorating with diatom mud, because there is no taste in the process of diatom mud construction, it is pure natural and easy to repair

purify the air and eliminate peculiar smell

diatom mud products have a unique “molecular sieve” structure and have strong physical adsorption and ion exchange functions. They can effectively remove free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air and the smell generated by pets, smoking and garbage, and purify the indoor air

fire and flame retardant

diatom mud is composed of inorganic materials, so it does not burn. Even in case of fire, it will not emit any smoke harmful to human body. When the temperature rises to 1300 ℃, the diatom mud will only melt and will not produce harmful gases and other smoke

respiratory humidity regulation

with the changes of ambient air temperature in different seasons and morning and evening, diatom mud can absorb or release water and automatically adjust indoor air humidity to achieve relative balance. Especially in coastal cities and cities with humid air in the south, the effect of adjusting indoor air humidity is obvious to reduce the troubles caused by humid air

sound absorption and noise reduction

due to the molecular porous structure of diatom mud, it has a strong noise reduction function, which can effectively absorb the high-frequency sound band harmful to human body and attenuate the low-frequency noise function. Its effect is equivalent to more than twice that of cement mortar and slate with the same thickness. At the same time, it can shorten the residual sound time by 50%, greatly reduce the harm of noise to people, and create a quiet sleep environment for you

thermal insulation

diatomite, the main component of diatom mud, has very low thermal conductivity. It is an ideal thermal insulation material and has very good thermal insulation performance. Its thermal insulation effect is 6 times that of cement mortar with the same thickness

release negative oxygen ions

the unique “molecular sieve” structure of diatom mud will produce a “waterfall effect” after contacting with water in the air, so as to continuously release negative oxygen ions beneficial to human body

no dust

no heavy metals, no static electricity, floating dust is not easy to adhere, the wall is permanently fresh, diatom mud is not easy to generate static electricity, and the wall surface is not easy to fall dust

soft color

diatom mud is tinted with inorganic mineral pigments with soft color. When people live in a room coated with diatom mud, the reflected light on the wall is naturally soft, which is not easy to produce visual fatigue. It can effectively protect the eyesight of you and your family, especially for children. At the same time, the color of diatom mud wall is long-lasting, and the use of high-temperature coloring technology does not fade. The wall is as new for a long time, which increases the service life of the wall, reduces the number of wall decoration, and saves the cost of the room

material characteristics

1: uniform color, earthy shape, high temperature coloring, no color and mud flow after a large amount of water spraying. It has the effect of natural mud by gently pressing with the palm of your hand

2: powder, mixing and construction shall be free of any odor and release of any harmful substances

3: it has fine texture and small sand particles, which is suitable for construction on flat and dry indoor walls

4: absorbed in water, nonflammable in fire, without pungent odor

Construction Technology:

traditional and complete “diatom mud” is composed of “& nbsp; material & nbsp “& nbsp; props & nbsp “& nbsp; construction method & nbsp;” It is composed of three elements& nbsp; Materials are carriers, props are tools, and construction methods are rules the integration of the three, while giving a vivid expression to the wall, finally highlights and expresses the life taste and value orientation of “people”. As a wall finishing process, & nbsp; Mud is not only a kind of material, but also carrying unlimited personal sustenance and self appeal with its “cultural” connotation, which is being inherited and carried forward

1. Mixing

Add 90% of the construction water into the mixing container, then pour the diatom mud dry powder into the mixing container to soak for a few minutes, and then use the electric mixer to mix for about 10 minutes. At the same time, add 10% of the water to adjust the construction viscosity and muddy coating. It can be used only after fully mixing evenly

2. Apply

twice: the first coat is about 1mm, about 50 minutes after completion (depending on the site climate, it is appropriate to use materials to make up for the surface without sticking hands and exposed bottom), and apply the second coat (the thickness is about 1.5mm). The total thickness is between 1.5mm and 3.0mm

3. Texture

pattern making and painting shall be completed for the second time. The drying time shall be mastered according to the actual drying condition of the environment, and the texture pattern shall be made according to the construction method

4. Polish

after making the texture pattern, compact and p
olish along the pattern with a polishing trowel

wall cleaning:

1. Cleaning methods of small fingerprints, footprints or handwriting: because children like to play, they will inevitably leave some fingerprints on the wall. You can try the following methods to clean them:

(1): use soft rubber simple tools such as hard rubber or fine sandpaper can be gently wiped on the dirty diatom mud wall, which can be removed slowly without leaving any trace

2. Cleaning methods of hanging and collecting dust: the hanging dust on the wall is generally caused by the excessive drying of the air and the electrostatic adsorption carried by the floating dust. Because diatom mud has a good regulation and balance effect on air humidity, and the wall material surface is hydrophilic, which can effectively reduce static electricity. Therefore, compared with other materials, diatom mud wall is less likely to hang dust and has a certain self-cleaning function

3. Colored liquids such as coffee and orange juice

(1): wipe the stains in time before they do not penetrate and diffuse. shallow stains can be removed by gently wiping the dirty diatom mud wall with a clean cloth stained with chlorine bleach

(2): if it has penetrated and diffused and the stain is large, the contaminated mud needs to be scraped off gently. After reapplying with the same diatom mud, it can be reshaped according to the original texture

(3): if necessary, local water can be used to moisten, remove and repair. This process needs professional masters to complete

diatom mud ranks first: Dajin diatom mud

Dajin diatom mud is the founder and leader of China’s diatom mud industry, diatom mud industry listed brand (430098), and the Ministry of science and technology designated national key new products and diatom mud industry standards & nbsp; Drafting units, nearly 300 dealers nationwide

Beijing Dajin diatom New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diatom mud wall materials integrating design, R & D, production, marketing and service in China. Founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 33 million yuan, the company is headquartered in the high tech park of Haidian District, Beijing. It is famous in the industry for its professional production of healthy functional indoor wall materials – diatom mud series products, and is known as the world’s leading diatom mud expert

diatom mud ranks second: oxygen should be more diatom mud

oxygen should introduce more new German diatom mud technology, developed a series of patented products of scrubbable diatom mud and white carbon black, which made up for the defects of traditional diatom mud, such as hydrophilicity, water intolerance and single artistic expression. The products have successively passed the JC /t1074-2008 standard of the national building materials testing center Through sampling inspection of GB18582-2008 index and JG /t30491998 technical index, the formaldehyde removal rate meets the national class II standard. The company has passed ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system and ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification. Oxy Yiduo was awarded “China diatom mud Shanghai demonstration base” by the ecological environment branch of China Building Materials Federation. It is an enterprise that formulates, promulgates and implements the national industrial standard of diatom mud interior decoration wall materials

diatom mud ranks third: chunzhiyuan diatom mud

chunzhiyuan diatom mud is a large comprehensive enterprise integrating diatom mud R & D, production, sales, construction and service. It is headquartered in Jilin Province with the largest diatomite reserves and the best soil quality in Asia. Since its inception, the enterprise has always occupied the leading position in the diatom mud industry with leading product quality, high-quality after-sales service and perfect terminal marketing network

chunzhiyuan diatom mud adheres to the corporate vision of “being a healthy industry and making people around you happier”, and adheres to the healthy home decoration of ecological fashion and environmental protection. The industry-leading four product series and the first seven diamond services will make you have no worries when you stay in your new house! In addition to formaldehyde, chunzhiyuan diatom mud is the first choice for decoration

diatom mud ranks fourth: Daqin diatom mud

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