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Do you know the development history of microcomputer combined scale (quantitative packaging scale)?

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in the 1970s, the Japanese Agricultural Association put forward the subject of green pepper weighing to relevant weighing enterprises. In Japan, green peppers are usually sold in supermarkets in the form of quantitative packaging in bags. If the quantitative value of each bag of green peppers is 120g, it is very difficult to pack exactly 120g. Because the weight of a single green pepper is heavy and the difference is large, less loading is related to the interests of consumers, and more loading is related to the cost of enterprises. The traditional method is manual weighing, that is, weighing on a static electronic scale. One green pepper after another accumulates to 115g. It is almost impossible to find a 5g green pepper. You must take a smaller green pepper from 115g and add another larger one. If the weight is much more than or less than 120g, the above work needs to be repeated, so the weighing efficiency is very low and it is difficult to reach the result close to the target weight (quantitative value). After a lot of investigation and research, the technicians successfully solved the weighing problem of green pepper by using the principle of combined weighing, and the microcomputer combined scale was developed
at present, the development of microcomputer combination in China is not mature, and only about 5% of enterprises can be regarded as large enterprises. Among them, Guangdong Haichuan Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. is a good one, and its development can be regarded as the epitome of the development history of domestic microcomputer combination.

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