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Does the printing industry produce waste gas

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printing waste gas usually consists of highly volatile organic waste gases such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, butanone, lipids and ethers. The two-phase suspension formed after volatilization or atomization of solid materials and solvents escapes into the surrounding air and pollutes the air. Therefore, effective collection and purification are needed to ensure the safe operation of the enterprise and personnel health, improve the environment of the workshop and plant area and meet the national environmental protection requirements

among organic solvents, toluene and xylene have carcinogenic effects. Other organic solvents such as benzene, esters and ketones have varying degrees of pollution to the environment, affect human health and waste resources

in China’s occupational exposure limits and emission standards for hazardous factors in the workplace, strict provisions are made on the emission of VOCs. If a reasonable waste gas collection system and solvent recovery device are installed in the printing workshop, VOCs volatilization can be reduced. The waste gas pollutants from the waste gas treatment of printing workshop and printing plant come from the ink, solvent, diluent and pigment in printing processes such as printing and inking, and the organic waste gas volatilizes continuously in the process of inking, printing and curing. 70% of them come from the ink waste gas generated in the process of printing and inking

how to better deal with the organic solvents in the exhaust gas from printing, compounding, coating and painting has become an urgent problem to be solved in the printing and packaging industry. At present, VOC treatment methods and printing plant waste gas treatment methods include adsorption condensation method, absorption dissolution method, reaction combustion method, photocatalytic oxidation method, plasma treatment method, combination method and so on.

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