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Does the product need collective packaging, outer packaging and inner packaging? Do you need copyright?

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copyright is required for the outer packaging and inner packaging of the product, because if you infringe others’ copyright, you will be sued in court. If others infringe your copyright, you can also sue him. We should all protect the copyright of our packaging brand.

required. Collective packaging sometimes includes outer packaging and inner packaging, which requires copyright or authorization

collective packaging, outer packaging and inner packaging are required, because each product can be produced from one process, and the quality of a product that can be put on the market is very important and strict. Copyright is also needed. It’s impossible for you to name a product with someone else’s copyright. This violates other people’s copyright and is illegal. Therefore, it is suggested to be a conscientious person, not to steal the copyright of others, and do a good job in each product

the packaging of products can be divided into two categories. Generally speaking, one is the simple pattern design on the packaging, which can be protected by copyright (i.e. copyright). The copyright system adopted in China is not the first application system. The right does not need to apply for authorization to obtain, but is obtained from the date of creation. The so-called copyright registration is only registration to facilitate the proof of rights protection, and its rights are not generated by registration. The other type corresponds to the overall appearance of its packaging structure, which needs to be combined with specific products and can be protected through appearance patent. Unlike copyright, appearance patent adopts the first application system in China, and the right is ten years from the date of patent authorization.

required. The copyright finally decides the packaging, and the infringement decides the defendant

you can consult the copyright trading center about the purchase of copyright. If you get the copyright, you won’t be accused

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