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Domestic bag packing machine manufacturer?

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Explain the equipment in detail

the bag packing machines in Germany and Japan are good, but they are expensive. Many friends in China say that Wenzhou Mingrui machinery is good. I suggest you go and have a look!

the Wolfgang Parker vacuum packaging machine /food preservation machine /sealing machine (parcel post) in the United States only sells 380, and the national parcel post sends 2 rolls of bags

◆ small volume and simple operation; It can prolong the fresh-keeping period of food by 3 ~ 7 times

◆ it is fully automatic. Just click it, vacuum and scald at one go; ◆ the temperature of the whole machine can be adjusted automatically by using the sensitive induction technology, and the temperature and sealing time of the whole machine can be adjusted automatically. Br> specializes in producing bag feeding packaging machines

if you need a complete set of equipment for the bag feeder, you can consult Hangzhou Zhongheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of combined scales for supporting equipment of the bag feeder.

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