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Function of automobile carbon bag

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Function of automobile carbon bag

1. Adsorption of peculiar smell and harmful substances: it can effectively adsorb the peculiar smell and harmful chemicals in the air, such as sulfide, hydride, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., absorb various floating impurities and moisture, eliminate peculiar smell and purify the air
2. Mould proof, dehumidification and humidity regulation: when the surrounding humidity is high, bamboo charcoal absorbs water and releases water when the surrounding environment is dry
3. Purify water quality: absorb harmful impurities in water, dissolve beneficial minerals and purify water quality
4. Far infrared effect: bamboo charcoal can release the far infrared ray most suitable for human absorption, promote the activation of human cells, accelerate blood circulation, improve human metabolic environment, relieve muscles and eliminate fatigue
5. Negative ion effect: the negative ions released by bamboo charcoal can purify the air. Being in it is like wandering in nature and forest
as long as the charcoal bag is evenly placed indoors or in every corner of the car, after use for a period of time, it can be put in a ventilated place to dry, and its function can be restored. The charcoal bag is packed with two layers of non-woven fabric, which is breathable and does not leak powder.

use the adsorption of activated carbon to absorb small dust and peculiar smell in the air

protect the air in the car and remove peculiar smell.

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