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Function of high voltage electrostatic stem picker for jasmine tea packaging?

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high voltage electrostatic stem picker for jasmine tea packaging: ① main technical parameters and structure. The working voltage of stem picker is 30 kV DC high voltage; The diameter of the electrostatic roller is 100 ~ 150 mm, and the rotating speed is 100 ~ 150 rpm; The best moisture content for picking: green tea 6%, kung fu tea 3%, broken black tea 4.5% ~ 7.5%. It is composed of high voltage electrostatic generator, separation mechanism, transmission mechanism, etc

structural diagram of high voltage electrostatic stem picker

high voltage electrostatic generator is composed of voltage regulator and adjustable transformer; The separating mechanism is composed of an electrostatic roller, a feeding roller and a separating plate; The electrostatic roller is connected to the negative electrode and rotates in the opposite direction to the feeding roller

② working principle: the physical property of different moisture content between tea and tea stem is used to separate leaf stem. The high-voltage electrostatic generator generates a DC high voltage of up to 30 kV years, which is transmitted to the electrostatic roller to generate a high-voltage electrostatic field between the electrostatic roller and the feeding roller. When the picked tea passes through the electrostatic field, the polarization phenomenon occurs. The tea stem with slightly higher moisture content has large induced electric quantity, large attraction by the electrode and large displacement, and falls into the separation plate, while the tea with slightly lower moisture content has small displacement and near landing point, so as to realize the separation of stem and leaf. After the first picking, the fallen tea needs to be re picked through the second layer of high-voltage electrostatic field to improve the picking rate

③ main points of the electrostatic stem picker: first, the shell of the high-voltage electrostatic stem picker must be grounded; The second is to adjust the separation angle of the separation plate in advance before work α Adjust the static voltage to the minimum, and then gradually increase it according to the process requirements; Third, before shutdown, first adjust the electrostatic voltage to zero, and then power off and shutdown

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