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Functional characteristics of three-dimensional packaging machine

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◆ energy saving and power saving than heat shrinkable packaging machine. Fully sealed packaging: waterproof, moisture-proof and anti infection
◆ instant sealing and no material stored in the heat sealing station: it is similar to cold packaging and has no impact on drugs and heat sensitive products
◆ automatic: automatic feeding, stacking, packaging, heat sealing, sorting and counting
◆ the electrical control system takes the programmable controller PLC as the center to ensure the stable and reliable operation and stable performance of the equipment
◆ automatic zero adjustment and reset function, and the equipment is humanized and intelligent. It is simpler to use, operate, maintain and repair
◆ a small number of parts can be replaced to pack box packaging materials and solid molding materials of different specifications (size, short and narrow)
the machine was first introduced from abroad and continuously improved by domestic enterprises to make it conform to the domestic market. At present, there are many models of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic, as well as single box packaging and set box packaging Most of the production enterprises are located in Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong in the south of China Around Shandong
Equipment classification: the three-dimensional packaging machine is mainly divided into vertical three-dimensional packaging machine and horizontal three-dimensional packaging machine according to the location of the packaging film. The packaging film of vertical three-dimensional packaging machine is above the machine, and the packaging film of horizontal three-dimensional packaging machine is below the machine
among them: vertical three-dimensional packaging machine
machine features: This machine is characterized by sealing on the side and both sides of the box, which has little impact on the appearance of external packaging, but because the packaging film of this type of machine is above the machine, it is greatly affected by static film, The film delivery is prone to instability and the scrap rate is relatively high.
machine features: this model is sealed on the bottom and both sides of the box, which has a certain impact on single box packaging, but the packaging range is large in multi box packaging, and this model is relatively vertical three-dimensional packaging machine. Because the packaging film is at the lower part of the machine, the packaging film is close to the surface of the equipment during film delivery, The influence of static electricity is relatively small, the film feeding is stable and the scrap rate is low

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