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Harm of sewage discharged from printing plant to human body

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The underground water that our company’s employees drink is beside the sewage pool of the printing factory. Can such water be used? How harmful is it to human body?

the first is ink. At present, traditional solvent based inks are still widely used in the printing industry. Solvent based inks are composed of pigments, binders, solvents, fillers and auxiliary agents. The solvents used are mainly organic solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones and ethers. Most of these solvents are toxic and will pollute the packaged food, drugs, cosmetics and other articles; It is volatile and has strong pungent smell, which will pollute the environment and affect the health of workers
the second is the fountain solution. The alcohol fountain system is widely used. Isopropanol is one of the additives of the fountain solution. Because the alcohol vapor produced by the volatilization of isopropanol is toxic and has bad smell, it will have a harmful impact on human health, Many developed countries stipulate that the threshold limit value of isopropanol in the workplace is only 200-400ml per cubic meter
Third, film and waste fixing solution. The film is a silver salt photosensitive material, which contains silver ions, and the waste fixing solution after fixing also contains a large amount of silver ions, which will lead to heavy metal poisoning
Fourth, plastic film covering. Toxic volatile solvents such as toluene and Tianna water are used in the film covering process, It will harm the health of workers and pollute the environment
fifth, oily polishing materials. The diluent used in oily polishing materials is mainly toluene, which is a toxic volatile substance. Inhalation of a certain amount of toluene by human body will lead to pathological changes in respiratory system and blood system
sixth, plastic printing waste is extremely difficult to degrade in nature. If it directly enters the environment, it will inevitably cause harm. If the waste is burned nearby, a large number of highly toxic gases such as dioxin will be produced. At very low concentration, dioxin can distort people and animals, and it is a strong carcinogen, which will seriously pollute the surrounding air
therefore, operators should wear gas masks and gloves to avoid body contact. People who use it for a long time use milk, fungus and other foods to accelerate the excretion of benzene
moreover, the printing plant sewage contains a large number of acrylic macromolecules. If it is directly discharged into the urban sewage pipe network and enters the sewage treatment plant without treatment, it will have a great impact on the sewage treatment process, destroy the biochemical treatment system and pollute the water environment.

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