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How about Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. was established on June 17, 2010. Its main business scope is organizing cultural and art exchange activities (excluding performances)
legal representative: Shang Yongshan
date of establishment: June 17, 2010
registered capital: RMB 1 million
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (sole proprietorship of natural person)
Company Address: 207, unit 2, floor 2, building 2, yard 7, Liqing Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

★★ Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. is a professional content creative supplier. Founded in 2010, its main business is: creative production of documentary and advertising films; Creative production of 2D and 3D animation; Multimedia electronic courseware and stage play, etc. It has provided more than 1000 excellent film, television and animation works for more than 200 enterprise customers and government agencies

★★ in terms of video, it provides professional documentary, feature film, studio program and other shooting and production services for TV stations all year round. The company’s documentary team mainly comes from the former CCTV’s editor, director and camera. The company has won the best Chinese Producer Award of the golden cotton award of Guangzhou International Documentary Festival; He has won the best co production organization of Shanghai TV Documentary Channel, and the director of the company has won the best feature film director of the film festival and other awards. It provides high-quality documentary programs for CCTV Documentary Channel and science and education channel all year round
professionalism, quality, fashion and atmosphere – a large number of excellent promotional films, advertising films, micro films, online dramas and other works have been creatively produced for enterprises and government institutions
★★ in terms of animation, he is good at vividly and popularly displaying complex content through 2D, 3D and other animation forms. The work has a big brain hole and a high level of creativity. It is a strategic supplier of animation and illustration creative production business of Ctrip, Ruijie, convenience bee and other companies
popular, vivid, lively, Mg style, hand-painted style, paper folding and freeze frame style – various styles can be selected
★ in terms of stage drama, it provides stage drama customization services for large enterprises such as Bank of communications all year round, and is good at displaying professional concepts in the fields of finance, science and technology through stage accident performances. Assist the Bank of communications to win many awards in science popularization and publicity of the banking system, WeChat, official account, graphic design, WeChat, etc., to provide high-quality cultural and creative products:
video, animation, stage play, microfilm, network drama, short video of shaking, long drawn drawing, cartoon,
talent pool: in an open era, A person’s value will not be shielded. People with rich professional experience, strong life accumulation and excellent martial arts are welcome to join. New people with full enthusiasm for life, sincere attitude, pragmatism, kindness, sense of responsibility and willing to devote themselves to cultural and creative undertakings are also welcome to join
at present, the company is producing CCTV’s large-scale documentary “local chronicles of Chinese images”, and is looking for professional creative talents to join
Company official website

Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly owned by natural persons) registered in Chaoyang District, Beijing on June 17, 2010. Its registered address is 207, unit 2, floor 2, building 2, yard 7, Liqing Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

the unified social credit code /registration number of Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. is Shang Yongshan, the enterprise legal person. At present, the enterprise is in business

the business scope of Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. is to organize cultural and artistic exchange activities (excluding performances); Conference services; Undertake exhibition activities; Computer graphic design and production; Enterprise planning; Designing, producing, acting and publishing advertisements; Packaging and decoration design; Computer animation design; Market Research; Stage lighting and sound design; Enterprise management consulting; Economic and trade consultation; Literary and artistic creation; Computer system services; Photography services; The etiquette Service; Translation services; Leasing mechanical equipment (excluding special equipment); Sales of musical instruments, mechanical equipment, stationery, handicrafts, daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, furniture (not engaged in physical store operation), toys and plastic products. (enterprises shall independently select business items and carry out business activities according to law; for projects subject to approval according to law, they shall carry out business activities according to the approved contents after being approved by relevant departments; they shall not engage in business activities of projects prohibited and restricted by industrial policies of this Municipality.). In Beijing, the total registered capital of companies with similar business scope is 972592.6 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in 9129 enterprises with a scale of more than 50 million. Within the scope of the province, the current registered capital of enterprises belongs to general

check more information and information of Beijing Dechuang culture media Co., Ltd. through Baidu corporate credit

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