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How about natural vitamin E? How much is it?

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don’t eat it. You can put it on your face. It’s 25 dopa. You bought it in Jianjun pharmacy of central shopping mall in Nanjing. Don’t take medicine when you’re 20 years old. I want to take this before I get pregnant. The purpose is to be good for the ovaries. I only take a 100mg one. I don’t dare to eat it indiscriminately. If you eat more water fruit, natural fruit is better than medicine. It’s also a little girl. Do you know if there are side effects after eating indiscriminately? Although it’s natural, I think the dose of one is a little high

our national laws and regulations have a clear definition of pure natural vitamin E:

the Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that pure natural vitamin E: D- α- The purity of tocopherol shall not be less than 90%, and the purity specified in the USP shall not be less than 96%

strictly speaking, there are only three domestic pure natural VE, Laiyi, Shuangjing and Quanfang. Laiyi natural vitamin E and its d- α- The purity of tocopherol is more than 96%. It meets American standards

vitamin E of Yangshengtang contains D- α- Tocopherol 97.5 Mg (refers to the content of 250mg each), and the content of D per 100g is also indicated in the inconspicuous place on the back- α- Tocopherol 39 g, actual D- α- The purity of tocopherol is only 39%.

I haven’t heard of ~ I’ve bought a health care hall before, but I’ve heard others say I can only eat it after 25 ~ you’re young now, there should be no problem with conditioning. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less irritating ~ I use perfect aloe gel when I grow acne and anti-inflammatory drops ~

Lai Yi has two kinds of packaging. One is bottled, which is specially sold in hospitals. Without anti-counterfeiting code. If you want to buy a bottle, it is recommended to buy it in the hospital. You are still a little worried about buying it outside, because there is no anti-counterfeiting and there is no bottom in your heart. In addition, bottled products have a disadvantage. They are easy to adhere after being opened for a long time
the other kind of package is boxed, with anti-counterfeiting code. You can buy it in pharmacies or other places. It is recommended that you buy this kind. You can check the authenticity with 800. I feel at ease when I buy it
price? Green boxed
is more expensive than bottled ones,
the market price of green boxed is 28.5 yuan /box

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