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How about Tetra Pak packaging?

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Octahedral paper beverage packaging can often be seen in supermarkets. My friend told me that this is Tetra Pak packaging. I’m a little curious about this Tetra Pak packaging?

the octahedral milk beverage paper package you see in the supermarket should refer to Tetra Pak diamond, which is produced by Tetra Pak company, which is more fashionable than the rectangular Tetra Pak brick you usually see in the supermarket. Like Tetra Pak brick, Tetra Pak drill is a six-layer composite material, which is completely isolated from air, light and water. Combined with aseptic filling, it can be used to pack milk, drinks and so on. It can be stored for six months without putting it in the refrigerator. Moreover, Tetra Pak packaging is low-carbon and environment-friendly. It must be unspeakable how Tetra Pak packaging is.

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