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How long can soybean oil be stored at most

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How long can soybean oil be stored at most

packaged arowana soybean oil is generally 18 months old. The shelf life of finished soybean oil is 18 months, and that of bulk soybean oil is less than 18 months, about one year. In addition to containing fat, soybean oil also brings in some non oil substances during processing. Unrefined crude oil contains 1% – 3% phospholipids and a small amount of protein and wheat germ phenol, which is easy to cause rancidity. Therefore, if soybean oil is not hydrated to remove impurities, it is not suitable for long-term storage. In addition, during long-term storage, the oil color of refined soybean oil will gradually change from light to dark, which may be related to the automatic oxidation of oil. Therefore, when the color of soybean oil becomes dark, it is not suitable for long-term storage. Extended data: storage characteristics organic soybean oil is generally packaged in transparent plastic barrels. When storing, a layer of black plastic bags can be covered outside the barrels and stored in the shade. The storage location should be far away from the heat source (stove). Small packaged oil products that are not edible for a long time can be stored fresh in the refrigerator (but avoid freezing). Oil products shall be sealed and airtight before storage. After use, pay attention to close the barrel cover in time. Organic soybean oil should be kept clean and should not be mixed with other oils, let alone with the remaining oil after use. And pay attention to avoid water and steam entering the bucket. Try to avoid using copper, iron and other metal utensils to store oil products. Enamel ware is better, but pay attention to sealing. Plastic buckets are common. The storage period should not exceed three months. The qualified first-class soybean oil stored according to the above method has a shelf life of more than one year. For oil products stored for more than one year, pay attention to check the quality of oil products before eating. If they are rancid, they cannot be eaten directly.

when the package is unopened, the shelf life of edible oil is usually 18 months. The fatty acids in edible oil will change chemically with the extension of storage time, and the nutritional value will decrease. Therefore, it is very important to buy oil according to the production date. The fresher the better. When the edible oil is exposed to the air after opening, the shelf life will be shortened accordingly, which can only last for three months.

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