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How long is the shelf life of moon cakes? Can moon cakes be eaten when they expire?

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on the Mid Autumn Festival, every family has to eat moon cakes. Now the moon cakes on the market have a variety of tastes and many brands, which are dazzling. When buying moon cakes for the Mid Autumn Festival, sometimes it is inevitable to buy too many. It takes a long time to eat them. So, how long is the shelf life of moon cakes? Can expired moon cakes still be eaten? Let’s focus together

Q: how long is the shelf life of moon cakes
A: the shelf life of mooncakes of different brands is different. The longest shelf life is 60 days, the shortest is only more than ten days, and others are marked with 45 days
after the implementation of the new version of the standard for the use of food additives, 27 kinds of food additives have been “banned”, and only more than 10 kinds of additives (limited) can be used. At the same time, the shelf life of moon cakes is set at no more than 60 days, one month shorter than before, in order to make eating moon cakes healthier by controlling additives. According to insiders, because the baked moon cakes still maintain a certain amount of moisture and oil, the shelf life cannot be as long as that of dehydrated foods such as biscuits
the shelf life of moon cakes is restricted by many factors, such as raw material quality, production environment, production equipment and packaging technology, especially the influence of production environment and packaging materials on the shelf life. Modern factories are carried out under sterile conditions, eliminating pollution sources. Therefore, moon cakes produced and packaged in this environment have a longer shelf life. Although the moon cakes produced by hand can meet the hygienic conditions, they can not reach the degree of sterility and will be infected with bacteria more or less. Therefore, even if the same packaging is adopted, the shelf life will be shortened
in addition, due to the different fillings in the moon cake, the shelf life is also different. Generally speaking, the shelf life of the moon cake filled with dry fruit is long, the shelf life of egg yolk and fruit is short, and the chocolate filling is best refrigerated. Industry insiders remind consumers that the moon cakes processed by modern chemical plants with advanced equipment are the safest to eat. If they choose hand-made ones, try to choose fresh products with a recent production date
What if you can’t eat all the moon cakes at once? Many people will say, don’t waste too much, put it at home and eat it slowly. Can expired moon cakes still be eaten? Food safety experts pointed out that it is best not to eat expired moon cakes. Eating expired or moldy moon cakes may cause adverse reactions such as abdominal distension, pain or vomiting. At the same time, because expired moon cakes contain a large amount of aflatoxin, the substance may cause cancer and bring great harm to people’s health
conclusion: professional doctors pointed out that although moon cakes are delicious, some people are not suitable for eating. For example, patients with ulcers will increase gastric acid secretion after eating moon cakes, which is extremely unfavorable to the healing of ulcer surface; After eating moon cakes, patients with gallstones will promote the secretion of bile, which will cause pancreatitis and gallstone pain; The consumption of moon cakes by people with three “high” (hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia) and obesity will increase the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, make the blood viscous, and aggravate the symptoms.

according to the different fillings of moon cakes, their shelf life is also different. Some can only have a shelf life of three days, and some can even have a shelf life of half a month. According to the different fillings, their shelf life is different, and deteriorated moon cakes cannot be eaten.

the shelf life of moon cakes produced by different manufacturers is different, but the longest retention time generally ranges from three months to half a year. No matter how long it takes, it will basically deteriorate and can’t be eaten, because even if the flour is cooked, it can’t be put into storage

the shelf life of moon cakes will vary according to the fillings in them. Generally speaking, it is about three months. The shelf life of some moon cakes is about one month, while that of some nuts is longer, and some can reach half a year.

naked food like moon cakes usually has a shelf life of about 60 days. It’s best not to eat moon cakes when they expire
on the surface, even if its shape has not changed, its nutritional composition has changed. So don’t eat expired moon cakes.

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