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How long is the shelf life of moon cakes

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normal temperature and vacuum packaging for 6 months to a year. Non vacuum packaging, 3-6 months. An ordinary week
the temperature is too high, the humidity is too high, and the shelf life is generally shortened or more than 3 /5. Low temperature and drying can be extended appropriately

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what is the shelf life of moon cakes in general
the shelf life of moon cakes is no more than 10 days, and the shelf life is generally 20 ~ 60 days without unpacking

it’s fun to eat moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival, but the purchase and storage of moon cakes are quite knowledgeable. With the Mid Autumn Festival approaching and a large number of moon cakes on the market, here we remind people to pay attention to the following aspects when buying moon cakes:

first of all, buy moon cakes with reliable quality and safe to eat. First look with your eyes. See whether the outer packaging of moon cakes is clean, exquisite and beautiful. The moon cakes produced by regular manufacturers are very exquisite; Look at the product logo to see if there is factory name, address, telephone number, product name, production date and shelf life. After opening the outer package, check whether there is a corresponding small plastic package. After the moon cake is broken, there shall be no foreign matters, such as bamboo sticks, hair, etc. Second, sniff. Generally, fresh and high-quality moon cakes smell fragrant. The plastic packaging quality of some products is poor, which leads to the gas pollution of moon cakes, which has a peculiar smell and is harmful to people’s health after eating. However, director Liu also suggested that because the quality of many moon cakes is difficult to distinguish only by the naked eye and nose, it is safer to buy them from regular businesses.

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