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How much does a small packaging factory need to invest in equipment and machines? Please 3Q

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It is mainly a complete set of plastic packaging machines for clothes, such as printing machines and film blowing machines. How much money do you need to invest? I hope such people can give me a reference

specifically, it costs about 250000, which is only the hardware investment`

in fact, it mainly depends on the machine you buy. There are new second-hand machines, imported ones and domestic ones. The price is also far from the same. The most important thing is the cost of printing machines. Other machines can buy second-hand ones. Printing machines also involve the problem of cutting materials (waste degree) and starting up fees (electricity charges, which usually disappear when the machine starts up for thousands of Watts) How much is the cost of copper plate printing? Because the plastic bag machine comes from one color to one version, so you should consider your product range, You can’t just ask for the price. The most important thing is the product size of your customer group. If they are all small plastic bags, you can buy a four boot machine. However, if the plastic bags of some products of the customer group are large and the customer’s demand is often single, you can buy a pair of boot machines. At present, the price of machines in the market has begun to decline. Many factories have closed down. You can buy 80% new machines, The most important thing is to see the requirements of your products. Generally, it takes about 400000, which can only meet the simple requirements of ordinary products. If the customer’s technology is high, it is estimated that he still has to buy imported equipment

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