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How much does a small vacuum packing machine cost?

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a small vacuum packaging machine costs about 4800
trademark registration fees vary. The general trademark agency charges about 1800 yuan, and many individual trademark agents charge very low fees, but the personal risk factor is relatively large, which is likely to waste money. I suggest you register with a regular agency. It not only has perfect after-sales service, but also saves a lot of energy
the period from trademark application to certificate issuance is 15 to 18 months. The cycle is very long, so if you have a good idea, you must protect it as soon as possible
specifically, “apply — (after three months) the Trademark Office preliminarily approves and issues the acceptance certificate — if there is no objection, enter the announcement period (for three months) — issue the trademark certificate.”
now trademarks can be used as intellectual property rights, which can not only be transferred with compensation, but also be used as assets through evaluation. Therefore, they are generally registered as individuals. In this way, even if the enterprise does not operate smoothly, individuals can use trademarks for investment in other industries. If you register personally, you only need to use the copy of your ID card and have prepared trademark patterns. In terms of creativity, you can find professionals to design or use the simplest and intuitive words, Pinyin and graphics. Once the trademark is registered, it should not be changed at will in the long run
to put it simply, you have a trademark pattern, a copy of your ID card and 1800 yuan. If you know what kind of industry the trademark you want to register will be used in in the future, you can go to the agency for operation. A good agency will help you choose the type according to your wishes. The filling of the document is very easy, and you can mail it to the Trademark Office on the same day.

the minimum is two or three hundred yuan, which is suitable for families. The average two or three thousand yuan is suitable for stores

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