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How much is a bottle?

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Yanghe Puqu 45 degrees 5 yuan, Yanghe Puqu 55 degrees 6.9 yuan, Yanghe Youqu 55 degrees 8.9 yuan, Yanghe celadon 58 yuan, Yanghe blue porcelain 88 yuan, Yanghe sea thief 136 yuan, Yanghe sky blue 320 yuan, Yanghe Dream Blue 520 yuan. (per bottle)

you don’t know how to answer your question. How much is a bottle of what? A bottle of mineral water is one yuan, a bottle of Coke Sprite is three yuan, and a bottle of Niuer 12!

it depends on where you buy it. Some medicines are at the same price in the country, but some are different. If you buy them on Taobao, you will find a lot of them. The price is also written on it. People will tell you how many bottles you buy in the drugstore

[product name] Yanghe Daqu (high quality) 38 ° [Specification] 500ml /bottle [manufacturer] Jiangsu Siyang ¥ 7.80/bottle ¥ 89.00/box ¥ 7.42 × 12 bottles 1
mianrou Yanghe Daqu refined wine 42 ° 500ml, 108 yuan
the price is different from place to place
about 108 yuan

ginseng flower fragrance ginseng flower model ginseng wine 500ml frosted bottle, reference price: ¥ 108.00
ginseng flower fragrance life wine 500ml, reference price: ¥ 118.00
ginseng flower fragrance Changbai Mountain jade bottle ginseng wine 500ml, reference price: ¥ 358.00
ginseng treasure ginseng flower fragrance golden ginseng wine 700ml, reference price: ¥ 178.00

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