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How much is a set of organic fertilizer production equipment?

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by 2020, small-scale organic fertilizer equipment will be between 30000-200000 yuan, and each configured organic fertilizer production line will be different

the low configuration of chicken manure and pig manure organic fertilizer production line only requires pulverizer, mixer, granulator (optional), screening machine and packaging machine. Therefore, the price of the whole set of organic fertilizer production line ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands

1. The trough type composter adopts trough type biological fermentation. According to the production scale, several fermentation tanks with a width of 3M and a length of 50m need to be built. The fermentation products are continuously put into the fermentation tank, and the composter is used to shift 3m to the other end of the fermentation tank every day. At the same time, it can achieve the purpose of water regulation and uniform mixing, which can save a lot of land and labor

2. The Forklift uses a shovel to move the high-grade fermented organic fertilizer turned over to the fermentation tank to the semi-finished product stacking area, so as to facilitate the daily treatment of the high-grade fermented organic fertilizer thrown over by the dumper and out of the tank in time

3. The screening machine will screen the fermented organic fertilizer and separate the large blocks and sundries inside, which is convenient for crushing and packaging in the next step

4. The crusher will separate the large sundries and stones in the screened organic fertilizer and crush them, which is beautiful and can ensure the quality of the product


1. In terms of ecological environment, increasing the application amount of organic fertilizer can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic wastes in livestock and poultry breeding and other industries, which is conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products, preventing and controlling input pollution, and the ecological environment benefit is extremely significant

2. Organic fertilizer production equipment can greatly save the cost of producing organic fertilizer and other products and improve production efficiency, so as to ensure good quality and large batch of products to meet the needs of users. To develop well in these aspects, organic fertilizer equipment has played a mainstay role in the development

kufeng has a complete set of organic fertilizer production lines, including powdered organic fertilizer production line and granular organic fertilizer production line. The main equipment includes feeder, crusher, screening machine, granulator, dryer, cooler, automatic packaging machine and other equipment. The total investment is about 20-30w.

according to your output, in addition, domestic equipment is also divided into 369, including usable and easy-to-use equipment.

specializing in the production of organic fertilizer quantitative packaging machine

Zhengzhou Fengyu mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating technology research and development, production and engineering construction. It mainly focuses on the planning and design of automatic laying hens feeding equipment, feed processing equipment, organic fertilizer equipment and livestock and poultry manure treatment scheme
Zhengzhou Fengyu focuses on: organic fertilizer equipment, livestock manure treatment equipment and kitchen waste treatment equipment
are customized according to your output
generally, they range from 150000 to 700000

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