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How should I do when I am allergic to mango? How many days can it be better?

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allergic constitution can also be inherited. If both parents are allergic constitution, 70% of their children may be allergic constitution

they should try not to move in places with pollen, animals and plants

you can’t eat spicy food at ordinary times. You need to drink more water and eat more foods rich in vitamin A. And be sure to get enough sleep. Many people have eaten sweet and sour carrots at ordinary times. We all know that when making sweet and sour carrots, it’s best to choose a large piece of water and full, so that they will taste better. The best thing is to ensure that the radish without insect damage on the surface is rooted and cut into pieces and dried in the sun. Then put it in a jar, add white granulated sugar and salt, and marinate it for about two or three days

raw material formula: 100g dried radish, 8 ~ 10kg salt, more than 5 degrees, 300kg vinegar, 60kg white sugar, 600g saccharin

preparation method:

1 Radish with large root block, fresh and tender meat, beautiful appearance and no diseases and pests shall be selected

2. Remove the roots of the radish, wash it and dry it. Remove the surface moisture and cut it in half

3. Put the cut radish into the jar layer by layer and sprinkle salt evenly

4. After 2 ~ 3 days of salting, pour the jar twice a day. Pour all the radish and liquid juice into another jar to accelerate the dissolution of salt and even the pickled radish. After reversing the cylinder, cover the cylinder with bamboo strip cover, press heavy stone, cover the cylinder cover, and take out

5 after 2 days Cut the radish into 1.5cm thin slices for soaking, salting out and absorbing sweet and sour liquid

6. Soak the sliced slices in clean water for 3 ~ 6 hours in order to discharge the spicy and bitter taste in the radish and precipitate salt, which is conducive to the absorption of sugar and vinegar

7. Press after soaking, remove part of the water, and the remaining water is about 40%

8. Put the pressed radish slices into the sun for 3 days to become dried radish

9. Put the dried radish into the jar, and then slowly pour the prepared sweet and sour liquid into the jar. The preparation method of sweet and sour liquid is to boil the vinegar first, then add white sugar and saccharin, and then air it to about 40 ℃

here, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your health at ordinary times. At the same time, you should pay attention to eating more light and non greasy food

it’s better to choose Yu Yu cream, which can effectively improve

animals and animals, according to their ontological life, are still divided into those with toxic and non-toxic properties. If they have abnormal images, they will become non-toxic. If you accidentally mouth and cause disease, you are not aware of it

beast Qi tail, horseshoe night vision, sheep heart with holes, liver with blue and black, deer and leopard text, sheep liver with holes, black chicken white head, white horse green hoof, sheep single horn, white sheep black head, black sheep white head, white bird yellow head, sheep hexagon, white horse black head, chicken with four pitches, fried meat is not dry, horse has horns, cow liver leaves are solitary, crab has single pincers, fish has eyelashes, shrimp does not need, meat moves in water, meat is warm in the night, fish has no intestines, gall and gills, and meat does not touch the soil when landing, Fish eye opening and closing and abdominal pill


tastes sweet and bitter, flat and non-toxic. In the main temperature, people are so hot that their stools are firm that they can’t eat more. That is, glutinous rice. (Sumen is the best, and winemakers use it more.)

japonica rice

tastes sweet and bitter, flat and non-toxic. It mainly replenishes Qi, stops annoyance, stops diarrhea, harmonizes stomach qi and grows muscles. There are several kinds today. (fragrant japonica rice, plaque rice, snow white, fragrant rice.) The fragrance is especially good. All japonica rice is mashed and taken as round and clean. It is round rice, also known as thirsty rice

practice steps of stir frying chestnuts with sugar

1 this is the chestnuts picked by yourself. When they are mature, the shell will crack, but there are many thorns

2 peel them out and wash them one by one, and cut a cut with scissors on the bulging back (be sure to cut the shell, otherwise it will explode in the microwave oven)

3 put them into the microwave oven, put them in high heat for 2 minutes

4 or 2 minutes, and then take them out and put them into a bowl, Pour in corn oil and soft sugar, mix well with chopsticks or spoon

5, put it on the plate, code well, and then put it into the microwave again. It can be heated for 2 to 3 minutes

6. It can be enjoyed with a little heat dissipation. It’s very sweet

nutritional value of navel orange dietotherapy: orange pomelo tower

material tower bottom material: 63g butter, 14g whole egg, 38g powdered sugar, 112G low gluten flour, 14g almond powder, 18G wheat germ, 3.5G coffee powder and 1 /8tsp salt

almond cream filling materials: 96g almond powder, 80g butter, 60g powdered sugar, 14g sour cream and 73g whole egg

combination: all almond cream fillings, 4 tablespoons blueberry sauce, 1 red grapefruit, 1 orange, and an appropriate amount of powdered sugar


1. Bake the TAPI

2. Make almond cream filling. (add sour cream after completion)

3. Apply almond cream filling with a spoon to the baked TAPI to reach the height of 1.5 TAPI

4. Put 4 tablespoons of blueberry jam in the middle

5. Fill the surface with almond cream filling until it is almost flush with the TAPI

6. Cut off the two ends of orange and grapefruit

7. Cut off the white skin with a sharp knife

8. Cut off white orange and grapefruit

9. Insert the knife between the middle thin skin and the pulp and cut out a piece of pulp

10. Cut 8 petals for oranges and 4 petals for grapefruit

11. Put the orange and grapefruit petals on the almond cream filling, put them into the oven preheated to 180 degrees, bake them in the middle, up and down the fire for 25 to 30 minutes until the surface is golden and colored, take out the oven and cool it slightly, demould and cool it completely

12. Sift a little powdered sugar on the surface

What are the hazards of allergy to patients?

1. Psychological aspect: the psychological pressure of patients’ friends will be very large. The eyes and small movements of nearby people will make them extremely sensitive and inferior, and feel abandoned by this society. If the patient’s friend is in this negative and pessimistic mood for a long time, it will lead to the emergence of psychological diseases over time

2. Physical : endure the pain caused by allergic lock. If you want to get rid of this pain, I can help you. Oh

3. Interpersonal communication: except for close family members, basically no one wants to stay with them

purple cabbage, also known as red cabbage and purple cabbage, is a common vegetable in daily life and has high nutritional value, Especially rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and other elements, it plays a good protective role for people’s skin. Therefore, many female friends who love beauty especially like to eat it

What are the hazards of allergy to patients?

1. Psychological aspect: the psychological pressure of patients’ friends will be very large. The eyes and small movements of nearby people will make them extremely sensitive and inferior, and feel abandoned by this society. If the patient’s friend is in this negative and pessimistic mood for a long time, it will lead to the emergence of psychological diseases over time

2. Physical aspect: endure the pain caused by allergic lock

3. Interpersonal aspect: no one wants to stay with them except close family members

1. Efficacy and function of purple cabbage

1 Anti aging

purple cabbage also contains anthocyanins. Although anthocyanins are not essential nutrients for human body, they are indeed one of the most common antioxidants, which is very helpful to prevent aging and related diseases. Purple cabbage is also rich in vitamin C, which is the main antioxidant

2. Maintaining skin health

purple cabbage is rich in sulfur. The main function of this element is to kill insects and relieve itching. It has a certain curative effect on various skin pruritus, eczema and other diseases. Therefore, eating this kind of vegetables often is very beneficial to maintaining skin health

3. Weight loss

the iron element can increase the content of oxygen in the blood and help the body burn fat, which is of great benefit to weight loss

4. Prevention of colds

can reduce joint pain symptoms and prevent throat pain caused by colds. Therefore, patients with arthritis had better often eat such vegetables, and in order to prevent throat inflammation caused by cold, they should also often eat cabbage in the high incidence season of cold in winter and spring

wash your face regularly, because the current air environment is relatively poor, there are a large number of small bacterial dust particles, and people with allergic skin are easy to aggravate the degree of allergy and skin sensitivity due to facial stains. You must insist on washing your face to give your skin a comfortable and clean environment

it’s best to choose Yu Yu cream, which can effectively improve

Rhodiola Rhodiola & nbsp; Rosea, whose English name is roselot, is a perennial plant or shrub of the Crassulaceae family. It is a rare wild plant growing in the alpine pollution-free zone at an altitude of 800-2500 meters. It has strong vitality and special adaptability because of its harsh growth environment, such as hypoxia, low temperature and dryness, strong wind, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and large temperature difference between day and night. It is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in Asia. It can stimulate the nervous system, increase work efficiency, eliminate fatigue and prevent Alpine disease

more than 200 varieties of Rhodiola have been confirmed, of which about 20 are commonly used drugs in Asian traditional medicine, such as Rhodiola crenata, Rhodiola crenata, Rhodiola rosea, Rhodiola sachalinensis, etc. Rosa Rhodiola, in particular, has been widely studied. In the 1960s, Soviet scientists found that it has the function of adapting to the original state and can help the body restore homeostasis. In other words, Rhodiola can improve the body’s resistance to various stimuli from chemical, biological or physical factors. In addition to the traditional compression function, scientists have also focused on some new discoveries, including anti-cancer and anti diabetes. p>

Rhodiola has a long history of application. More than 2000 years ago, people on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau used it as medicine to strengthen their body and resist the influence of adverse environment. People often use it to fry water or brew wine to eliminate fatigue or resist the cold in mountainous areas. At the same time, it also prevents diseases, strengthens the body, nourishes and prolongs life. Because of its magical effects of strengthening solids, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and benefiting lung, Tibetan doctors of all dynasties regard it as “three auspicious treasures”. If the oxygen content of human body is insufficient, there will be symptoms of hypoxia, including headache, fatigue, dyspnea, dizziness, etc. if it is serious or sudden, it will lead to coma or even death. Generally speaking, this phenomenon often occurs in plateau areas, leading to alpine disease and even some fatal complications. Hypoxia is a kind of stress stimulus, which will cause the body to produce a series of stress reactions. The adaptation of Rhodiola as is can enhance the non-specific resistance of the body to harmful stimuli and strengthen the adaptability of the body. By enhancing the oxygen diffusion of cells in the body, or the efficiency of oxygen utilization and antioxidant capacity, it helps to improve the adaptability of the body to hypoxia stimulation

for: anti cerebral hypoxia, anti fatigue, promoting blood circulation and hemostasis, clearing lung and relieving cough, removing stasis and swelling, relieving fever and nourishing vitality; For external use, it is used to treat bruises, burns and scalds

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