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How to buy hot pot seasoning? Can I take it on the plane

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from the perspective of safety, passengers are not allowed to carry hot pot sauces and bulk food containing liquid and edible oil on the plane. Passengers need to put such food or seasoning into their luggage for check-in

purchase of hot pot bottom material:

1. Choose transparent packaging

natural spices are common spices such as pepper, pepper, garlic, ginger and star anise. In fact, whether they are natural can be judged with the naked eye. We should choose the hotpot bottom material with relatively complete particles in the lower layer. Generally, the upper layer of hotpot bottom material is butter, and the lower layer is the spice layer. The more complete the shape of the spice layer in the lower layer, the clearer the particles, the more natural spices can be indicated

perfume is, the more it is impossible to tell whether flavors are used instead of natural spices. Now most hotpot sauces are packaged in transparent vacuum, which is much convenient for us to choose and judge. Therefore, we should try to choose transparent packaging when buying

2. Check the identification and ingredients

select the product with complete and detailed identification description, and whether the production date and shelf life are clearly marked; Carefully look at the ingredients list to see if it indicates that it does not contain preservatives

3. Select the base material that feels soft

take it in your hand and try it. If the hot pot base material is particularly hard, you can’t pinch the butter with your hand, which is usually added with paraffin. Butter generally begins to soften and melt at 20 or 30 degrees Celsius, while those containing paraffin will slowly begin to melt at 67 degrees Celsius

4. Choose a well-known hot pot brand

do not buy the three no hot pot bottom materials of some small workshops. The sanitary conditions of small workshops can not meet the aseptic standard, and the shelf life can not be guaranteed. Even in order to prolong the shelf life, it is better to buy the hot pot bottom materials produced by well-known hot pot brands, such as Haidilao, Fanchao, Qiaotou and other big brand hot pot bottom materials, with better quality

extended data:

type of hot pot bottom material:

1. Butter hot pot bottom material

butter hot pot bottom material is undoubtedly boiled with butter as the main raw material. This kind of hot pot bottom material is very attractive in terms of color, taste and aroma. The texture is slightly thick and the taste is generally heavy

2. Oil hot pot bottom

oil hot pot bottom is made of “vegetable oil”, that is, rapeseed oil. It looks more refreshing and tastes spicy, which is acceptable to most people

3, sauerkraut hotpot bottom

the combination of acid and spicy taste is especially suitable for people who want to eat spicy but can’t eat spicy

4. Tomato hotpot bottom

has a refreshing sour taste, mild taste and more appetizing. It is more suitable for families with elderly and children at home

5. Mushroom hotpot bottom

mushroom hotpot bottom is the lightest, mainly fresh, especially suitable for; People with health care needs

you can bring hot pot seasoning by plane. This is not an embargo. However, if the package contains liquid substances, it shall not be carried with you, but can only be consigned. If melted, it will be counted as liquid

hot pot bottom material purchase note:

when purchasing hot pot bottom material, you should buy products with complete and detailed identification. You should carefully check the ingredient list to see whether it clearly indicates that it does not contain preservatives. In addition, you’d better buy hot pot bottom material produced by well-known hot pot brands. You should be careful when choosing hot pot seasoning. It is a very wise choice to choose a good manufacturer

extended data

the recommended brands of hot pot bottom materials are: Hongjiu hot pot bottom materials, Qiaotou hot pot bottom materials, Dezhuang hot pot bottom materials, Qiuxia hot pot bottom materials and Xiaofeiyang hot pot bottom materials

1. Hongjiu hot pot bottom

this brand sells authentic Chongqing hot pot bottom. Its formula is very authentic Chongqing flavor, spicy and delicious. It tastes a little heavy. But not greasy mouth, more fragrant. It can be used for cooking. This base is very versatile. Even if you don’t use it to eat hot pot, it’s also very delicious for cooking or noodles

2. Dahongpao

Dahongpao hot pot bottom material mainly has three flavors: Spicy butter, cumin spicy and Shanzhen clear soup. The consumption of each hot pot bottom material in the market is very high, which is welcomed and loved by consumers. Dahongpao hot pot seasoning is affordable and has sufficient weight. Consumers can buy it according to their own taste. Dahongpao hot pot seasoning will make you love it once you eat it

reference source: China News Network – restrictions on carrying liquid goods by plane from May 1

hot pot sauces can be checked in with luggage. From the perspective of safety, passengers are not allowed to carry hot pot sauces and bulk foods containing liquid and edible oil on the plane. Passengers need to put such foods or condiments in their luggage for check-in
prohibited and limited items on the plane:
prohibited items on the plane: Guns (including all kinds of simulated toy guns, gun lighter glue and other types of weapons with attack), ammunition, ordnance, police equipment, controlled knives, explosives, inflammables and explosives, highly toxic substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, dangerous solutions and other prohibited substances stipulated by the state.

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