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How to choose ultrasonic cleaning machine?

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1. Selection of cleaning liquid temperature. It is very important that the cleaning liquid of ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for cleaning temperature, especially when it is cold, the cleaning liquid temperature is low, the altitude effect is poor, and the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, when some cleaning machines heat the electric heating wire outside the cleaning cylinder for temperature control, cavitation is easy to occur when the temperature rises, so the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaner is better. When the temperature continues to rise, the gas pressure in spatiotemporal will increase, resulting in the decrease of impact sound pressure, reflecting the multiplication of these two factors
2. To determine the amount of cleaning solution and the location of cleaning parts, the following factors should be considered when selecting cleaning solution. The first is the selection of cleaning efficiency. This experiment must be done. If the ultrasonic cleaner is introduced into the existing cleaning process, it is generally unnecessary to replace the solvent used. In addition, the complexity of operation should be considered. The liquid used should be safe and non-toxic, simple operation and long service life; The cost of using cheap cleaning solvents is not low
3. Cleaning parts. Another consideration of ultrasonic cleaner cleaning is the cleaning parts of upper and lower materials or the placement of cleaning parts in mold design. When the cleaning part is in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, neither the cleaning part nor the cleaning basket shall contact the bottom of the tank, and the total cross-sectional area of the cleaning part shall not exceed the cross-sectional area of the ultrasonic tank. Rubber and non hard plastics absorb ultrasonic energy, so care should be taken when using these materials for mold processing, and special attention should be paid to insulating cleaning parts. If the tool basket of ultrasonic cleaner is not designed properly or the workpiece is too heavy, the efficiency of even a good ultrasonic cleaner system will be greatly reduced. Hooks, shelves and beakers can be used to support cleaning parts.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning process selection: ultrasonic cleaning, bubbling cleaning and high-pressure spray cleaning are combined with each other, and can also be used alone. Different processes are designed according to the workpiece and stain
2. Size selection of ultrasonic cleaning tank: determined according to the size of workpiece and cleaning volume
3. Selection of ultrasonic cleaning agent: the cleaning agent used in the traditional method is the same and does not need to be replaced
4. Selection of ultrasonic frequency: the conventional ones are 28kHz and 40KHz. 28kHz is characterized by high ultrasonic power and less ultrasonic times, which is suitable for cleaning workpieces with certain requirements for cleanliness. 40KHz is characterized by low ultrasonic power and many ultrasonic times, which is suitable for cleaning workpieces with low cleanliness requirements
5. Selection of ultrasonic power: determine the power according to the size of the cleaning tank. The distance between each 50W transducer is 80mm. According to this industry standard, the power can be calculated
6. Accessories selection: Korean Yishan ultrasonic transducer, the sixth generation ultrasonic generator, SUS304 tank, imported glue and seed nail
7. Selection of ultrasonic cleaning solution temperature: normal temperature – 100 ℃, with constant temperature system, which can maintain such temperature all the time. For example, the oil removal effect can be better at 60 degrees
8. Selection of ultrasonic installation methods: ultrasonic installation methods include: bottom installation, two side installation, bottom and two side installation at the same time. The bottom installation is also called bottom shock type. The effective action height of ultrasonic is 500mm. The installation on both sides is side shock. The effective action length of ultrasonic is 1000mm. The effective action height is related to the position of transducer. The bottom and two sides are installed at the same time, which is a three-sided earthquake. The effective length of ultrasonic wave can not exceed 1000mm, and the height can be adjusted.

before purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, first you need to understand the volume and size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, and determine the size of the cleaning machine according to the workpiece to be cleaned and the cleaning amount. Secondly, the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Generally, 40KHz is a general frequency. If there are some special cleaning requirements, Then you can choose the appropriate frequency or choose the ultrasonic cleaning machine with adjustable frequency, and then the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is matched according to the size of the cleaning tank. There are relevant industry standards. The corresponding configuration of the standard machine has been set. For the customized model, you can consider increasing the number of shock heads to ensure the cleaning effect. The removal of the above three important factors, such as the temperature of cleaning solution, cleaning time, cleaning solvent and the size of cleaning tank, is also directly related to the cleaning effect.

1. Determine the function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the products to be cleaned, the main dirt to be cleaned and the purpose, such as heating, numerical control, dual frequency, adjustable power, etc. 2. Determine the size of the inner tank according to the number of products to be cleaned at one time. 3. Determine the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the products to be cleaned. The lower the frequency, the greater the strength, The weaker the penetration, the higher the frequency, the stronger the penetration and the smaller the strength.

it doesn’t have much to do with the model of ultrasonic cleaner. If it’s just a simple rust removal, it’s OK to directly use standard ultrasonic cleaner or micro ultrasonic cleaner plus acidic cleaner

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