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How to express live fish

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How to express live fish

for live fish, express companies generally do not mail them

The following items cannot be delivered by express:

all kinds of weapons and ammunition

all kinds of explosive articles

all kinds of combustible articles, including liquids, gases and solids

all kinds of corrosive articles

all kinds of strong poisons

all kinds of narcotic drugs

all kinds of biochemical products and infectious goods, etc

Introduction: express delivery is a door-to-door logistics activity with postal function, that is, express companies deliver customers’ goods quickly through railways, highways, air transport and other means of transportation. In many ways, express delivery is superior to postal service. In addition to faster delivery to the destination and the need to sign for receipt, many express operators now provide mail tracking function, delivery time commitment and other services according to customers’ needs

just put some salt in it. It seems that express delivery is not allowed for liquid,

vacuum packaging. It’s not expensive to buy that tool

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