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How to keep mutton fresh by express delivery

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new transportation and preservation technology:
1. New film preservation: a one-time moisture absorption and preservation plastic packaging film developed by Japan. It is composed of two translucent nylon films with strong water permeability, and natural paste and sugar syrup with high osmotic pressure are installed between the films, which can slowly absorb the water seeping from the surface of fruits and meat to achieve the effect of preservation
2. Microwave preservation: a Dutch company disinfects fruits at low temperature. It uses microwave to heat them to 72 ℃ in a very short time, and then puts the processed food on the market at zero to four degrees. It can be stored for 42 to 45 days without deterioration. It is very suitable for supplying “seasonal fruits” in off-season, which is favored by people
3. Pressure preservation: the method of making food by pressure, which is successfully developed by the Institute of food science of Kyoto University, Japan, can prolong the preservation time and improve the fresh taste of fruits after pressure sterilization, but acid can not play a role under pressure. Therefore, it is best to preserve fruits under the best eating state.

dry goods can be vacuum packed by express delivery, and some ice cubes can be put in the fresh ones,

vacuum packaging

the way to preserve fresh beef and mutton during express delivery is to wash the fresh mutton, divide it into parts, and then pack them in fresh-keeping bags
beef and mutton are collectively referred to as beef and mutton! They are bovine dismembered products and sheep dismembered products respectively. Fat beef series, eye meat series, upper brain series, outer ridge series, chili meat, cucumber strips, ox tongue, shoulder blade meat, bone belly meat series, beef tendon, three grilled and one Lin, triangular meat, beef brisket, money exhibition, Meifei, rib meat, bullwhip, bovine bone marrow, salabur, etc. Lamb upper brain roll, lamb upper brain brick, New Zealand row roll, New Zealand row brick, New Zealand l row brick, lamb leg roll, lamb leg brick, lamb hind leg bag, lamb meat roll, Lamb Tenderloin roll, small fat lamb row brick, mutton high calcium brick, refined sheep row roll, sheep row roll, sheep carcass roll, small fat mutton roll, lamb row, French lamb row, seven bone lamb row, sheep scorpion, crescent bone, etc.

low temperature, 0 degrees is best, plus foam insulation.

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