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How to measure the tensile strength of plastic flexible packaging? Urgent, urgent

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for plastic flexible packaging, how to conduct tensile strength test, make packaging bags that meet the standard requirements and avoid exposure by the quality inspection system is a top priority. Especially recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine exposed some unqualified plastic bag manufacturers
then, how to test the tensile strength? According to relevant national standards and the author’s practical experience, the discussion is as follows:
1 Sample preparation
for plastic roll film, three layers on the surface need to be removed and cut, or cut 1 meter after unwinding. Generally, samples should be taken at approximately equal intervals along the width of the sample. The flat film is discarded, and the edge is uneven. Sampling method is adopted. The plastic bag shall be sampled from the warp, weft, suture and bonding parts. Unless otherwise specified, the shape of the sample used to be dumbbell shaped as shown in the figure, and most of them have been long strip shaped in recent years
use the equipped sampling knife to directly cut long strip samples with a width of 15mm, a total length of 150mm and a gauge distance of 50mm. It is required that the edge of the sample should be smooth without notch. The notch can be checked with a magnifying glass, and the sample with defective edge can be omitted. The samples shall be divided into a group according to the vertical and horizontal test directions, and there shall be no less than 5 samples in each group
the sample shall be stabilized in a constant temperature and humidity box with 23 ℃ and 50% relative humidity for 4 hours
2. Put the stable sample in the upper and lower clamps of ldx-200 electronic tensile machine, try to make the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the central line of the upper and lower clamps, and the tightness should be appropriate to prevent the sample from slipping and breaking in the clamp (the clamp has been lined with rubber elastic materials)
set the test parameters at the microcomputer operation panel, such as test speed, required results, sample length and other parameters
the tensile test speed requirements of various materials and performance films are different, which should be selected according to the speed required by the relevant regulations of the tested materials. If there is no specified speed and considering the creep performance of the material, the selection speed of thin film is generally higher and that of thick film is lower
attached table test speed (no load) required by various film and bag standards
Product Name


standard number


biaxially stretched polystyrene (BOPS) sheet

50 ± 5 mm /min

GB /T 16719-1996

PVC hard sheet for food packaging Film

GB /T 15267-94

biaxially oriented polyester film

100 ± 10mm /min

GB /T 16958-1997

polyester film for electrical insulation

GB 13950-92

polypropylene film for capacitor

GB /T 12802-1996

heat sealed biaxially oriented polypropylene film

GB /T 12026-2000

biaxially oriented polypropylene pearlescent film

BB /T 0002-94

Biaxially Stretched Nylon (BOPA) /Low density polyethylene (LDPE) composite film and bag

QB /T 1871-93

type IV

rigid polyvinyl chloride film for food packaging

GB 10805-89

paper-based composite material (roof bag) for liquid food preservation packaging

GB 18706-2002

composite bag for liquid food aseptic packaging

GB 18454-2001

composite film for mustard packaging Bag

QB 2197-1996

paper plastic nonwoven composite packaging bag

200 ± 20mm /min

QB 1123-91

polypropylene blown film

250 ± 25mm /min

QB 1956-94

polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) Coated film

BB /T 0012-1997

polyethylene self-adhesive fresh-keeping film

GB 10457-89

soft PVC blown film

QB 1257-91

soft PVC composite film

QB 1260-91

soft PVC calendered film and sheet

GB 3830-83

polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) for food packaging Flake casing film

GB /T 17030-1997

type IV

polyethylene air cushion film

QB 1259-91

cooking resistant composite film, bag

GB /T 10004-1998

polyethylene blown film for liquid packaging

QB 1231-91

stretch winding film for transport packaging

BB /T 0024-2004

biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) /low density polyethylene (LDPE) composite film Bag

GB /T 10005-1998

type IV

general purpose biaxially oriented polypropylene film

GB /T 10003-1996

type IV

non stretched polyethylene Polypropylene film

500 ± 50mm /min

QB /t1125-2000

degradable polyethylene film for packaging

QB /T 2461-1999

polyethylene blown film for packaging

GB /T 4456-1996

high density polyethylene blown film

GB 12025-89

polyethylene heat shrinkable film

GB /T 13519-92

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