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How to pack mechanical equipment for export by sea

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generally, it is best to pack in wooden cases, which can effectively avoid goods damage

for the packaging of mechanical equipment, the chassis generally uses large square wood, which can fix the equipment on the square wood, and the whole equipment is packed in wooden boxes. Rain proof linoleum or plastic cloth should also be added. The lifting point and the central position of the equipment must be indicated on the packing box.

wooden cases shall be well protected against moisture, water, inversion, collision and bumps

use double-layer packaging: inner packaging and outer packaging
1. Inner packaging: wrap the mechanical equipment tightly with antirust film to prevent the corrosion of water vapor during shipping and lead to metal rust
2. Outer packing: packed in wooden cases or cartons within the shipping regulations

many businesses think that mechanical products do not need to be well protected and packaged, but they can be packed and fixed. In fact, it is not the case. There are many precision instruments in mechanical products, which are easy to be damaged by vibration and collision, so mechanical equipment must also be well protected and packaged for logistics transportation

when the mechanical equipment is packaged and delivered, the surrounding and protruding parts of the product shall be protected. The bubble pad can be used to wrap the product. If there is a gap after the product is protected and packaged, the gap can be filled with an inflatable bag to ensure that the product will not shake and protect the safety of the equipment during transportation. After the cushion bubble pad is inflated, the product is separated from the packing box by bubbles to avoid collision and friction, which has the effect of cushioning and shock absorption, so as to ensure the safe transportation of products

the packaging bubble pad has light texture, protects the product without increasing the weight of the package, and is easy to store without occupying too much storage space, saving logistics transportation and storage costs for enterprises

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