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How to use bamboo charcoal bag

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Today I bought a bamboo charcoal bag. There is also a paper bag in the bamboo charcoal bag. The paper bag inside is very sealed. The paper bag contains bamboo charcoal. Is it used to tear the paper bag and pour it into the bamboo charcoal bag or put it into the wardrobe like this?

the main function of pro ~ bamboo charcoal bag is to absorb odor, dehumidify and decompose peculiar smell. It can be used for room deodorization: put the bamboo charcoal bag under the refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, pet house, bed, wooden floor, rice cabinet, flower pot, etc. to remove peculiar smell, moisture, insect, mildew, fresh-keeping and increase air permeability; Placed in the car, it can effectively remove all kinds of chemical strange smell in the car, such as peculiar smell, smoke smell, leather chair, plastic, foam, artificial carpet and air conditioner, and make the air fresh; Placed in newly decorated rooms and new furniture, it can strongly absorb all kinds of harmful odors and harmful substances. Put it in the freezer of the refrigerator to absorb the peculiar smell in the refrigerator. Putting it in the wardrobe can mainly absorb the smell, moisture and insects, but if LZ wants to put the bamboo charcoal bag and the incense bag into the wardrobe, because the main function of the bamboo charcoal bag is to absorb the taste, the fragrance of the incense bag will be affected to some extent
if the floor is very wet, not because of moisture, but because of water, it is not recommended to use bamboo charcoal bags to absorb water. The function of bamboo charcoal bags is to regulate humidity and remove moisture from the air, so it can be used if there is moisture on the floor. It’s also OK to put it by the bed. It can absorb harmful gases and peculiar smell in the air! Now there are some pillows and mattresses made of bamboo charcoal on the market. Pillows and mattresses made of bamboo charcoal are known to promote blood circulation, metabolism, eliminate fatigue, and help with rheumatic pain and insomnia
I hope my answer is helpful to you!

after the house is decorated, remember not to check in immediately. Be sure to test the formaldehyde content in the room first, do a good job in removing formaldehyde, and wait until the formaldehyde concentration reaches the standard. In fact, it is not difficult to remove formaldehyde. As long as you choose the right method and remove aldehyde reasonably, the aldehyde removal process can get twice the result with half the effort. The following methods are efficient aldehyde removal methods, which can save you time and money
I. Ruishi
it is a purification product favored by decoration families in recent years. Compared with other formaldehyde removal products, it has many pores, has the dual functions of absorption and decomposition, and the speed of formaldehyde removal is also fast. Its unique decomposition function can save the time of drying, and it is more convenient to use. It can effectively control the problem of formaldehyde for a long time
Second, open windows for ventilation
as we all know, the easiest way to get rid of formaldehyde is to breathe. Families with poor room ventilation can accelerate the flow of indoor and outdoor air through fans and accelerate the discharge of formaldehyde containing air, which can effectively reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants, but it can only treat the symptoms rather than the root causes, and this method may not be practical in the season when warmth is needed
Third Plants
putting some green plants at home can also effectively remove odors, especially such as green pineapple, Chlorophytum, aloe, turtle backed bamboo, cactus and ivy can effectively absorb harmful gases. In addition, large plants such as Ping An tree and camphor tree, which are popular in the market, can release a fresh gas, make people feel happy, and are more suitable for removing the smell of new furniture
IV. fresh air system
during the period when Windows cannot be opened, the fresh air system can introduce outdoor fresh air through the filter device of the system and discharge indoor harmful substances, which will reduce the concentration of free organic pollutants in indoor space to a certain extent and accelerate the release rate of pollutants. Through continuous circulation, we can control indoor decoration pollution
v. photocatalyst
at present, most of the photocatalysts often mentioned by everyone are titanium dioxide. Formaldehyde can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water through ultraviolet irradiation, but its work requires the participation of light and ultraviolet, and there are certain restrictions on formaldehyde removal
most of you are office workers, and your time is very limited. Therefore, if you want to remove formaldehyde from the air as soon as possible, it’s best to use multiple methods at the same time.

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