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How to use dz-400 / 2S flat vacuum packaging machine

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this is the smallest one with 400 double rooms. If you enter the packaging video network in Baidu, you can see our video. There are operation steps (Qingdao MEG automation equipment Co., Ltd.)


the vacuum machine can be used by plugging in 220 voltage

1. Put the product in the plastic bag, and then put the vacuum product into the vacuum chamber
2. Set the vacuum sealing machine for 1.8 seconds (check whether the sealing machine is firmly sealed after vacuuming. If it is not firmly sealed, add the sealing time. If there is a little paste at the sealing part, the sealing time will be a little)
3 The vacuum pumping time of the equipment is 2.5 seconds first. (if the vacuum is not enough, add too much and reduce too much)

the use is so simple and not complicated

ask! How did you buy this machine?

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