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How to use the manual packer

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use as follows:

turn the pressing plate of the manual packer to the right

put the garbage bag in the pressure bin of the manual packer and fasten the garbage bag to prevent the garbage bag from falling off during the compression of garbage

after doing these works, put the garbage and waste paper into the compression bin until the bin is full

turn the pressing plate back to the upper part of the pressing bin, open the positioning element, and the pressing plate will be compressed automatically

After the pressing plate compresses the garbage and waste paper in place, manually rotate the compression return position

after positioning the pressing plate, open the lock of the bin, move the compressed garbage bag out of the bin, and then complete the garbage compression and waste use of the manual packer

manual packer, also known as portable packer, is a commonly used packaging machine, which is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, clothing, postal and other industries. It is suitable for carton packaging, paper packaging, package letter packaging, medicine box packaging, light industry packaging, hardware tools packaging, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaging, daily chemical products packaging, sports and sports products packaging Automatic packing and bundling of goods of various sizes such as equipment packing. It is applicable to enterprises that need a packer for binding, but the packaging volume is relatively small


1 Please confirm the power supply used by the machine and do not plug in the wrong power supply This machine adopts three-phase four wire system The fancy wire is the grounding zero wire for leakage protection

2. Do not put your head and hands across the runway with belt during operation

3. Do not touch the heater directly with your hands

4. Do not wash the machine with water. When the workplace is wet, the operator shall not work barefoot

5. When the machine is not in use, please roll the tape in the tape storage bin back to the tape reel to avoid deformation during next use

6. Do not stick oil on the surface of the belt conveyor roller

7. Remember to unplug the machine when it is not in use

8. Do not replace the parts on the machine at will

9. Main parts should be lubricated with oil frequently

it’s very simple, but it’s hard to be specific. Just look at it more

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