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How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine correctly

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when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine, you should first carefully study the manual of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The factory packing box of Gute ultrasonic cleaning machine is attached with the operation manual of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Please keep it properly for future needs. Now let’s talk about the operating procedures of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Installation of ultrasonic cleaning machine

generally, the power line of ultrasonic cleaning machine is separated from the cleaning tank. Firstly, connect the ultrasonic power supply with the cleaning tank. The ultrasonic cleaning machine with a drain can connect the drain pipe or face the drain towards the drain
2. Add water to the ultrasonic cleaning machine
add an appropriate amount of clean water into the cleaning tank. The liquid level should be able to submerge the cleaned parts and be lower than the maximum water level. Some models have overflow, so the overflow pipe should be connected in advance
3. Heating of ultrasonic cleaning machine
start the electric heating switch to adjust the water temperature to an appropriate temperature (generally between 50 ℃ – 60 ℃). There is a temperature detector in the cleaning machine. The heating device will continue to heat to the specified temperature and then be in the heat preservation mode. When the temperature is lower than a certain value, the heating device will start automatically and heat to the set temperature
4. Add cleaning agent into the ultrasonic cleaning machine
when the water temperature rises to about 30 ℃, add the parts cleaning agent into the cleaning tank according to the product process, with the proportion of 1:20 or 1:30. Stir the clean water to fully dissolve the cleaning agent into the water
5. Pretreatment of parts
when cleaning some parts with heavy oil stains with ultrasonic cleaning machine, thick oil sludge or thick powder dust can be scraped off in advance before cleaning. Simple ultrasonic cleaning pretreatment will greatly improve the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning, shorten the time of ultrasonic cleaning and prolong the service life of ultrasonic cleaning machine
6. Placement of ultrasonic cleaning machine parts
place the parts in the stainless steel cleaning basket and gently put them into the cleaning tank. It is recommended not to put too many parts at one time, spread them evenly as far as possible, and do not place them too tightly
7. Start the ultrasonic cleaning machine
turn on the power supply of the ultrasonic generator and start the normal cleaning work. If necessary, turn the power adjustment knob clockwise to adjust the appropriate power. The ammeter displays the normal current of 4 ~ 5A
8. Shutdown of ultrasonic cleaning machine
the working time of ultrasonic cleaning can be determined according to the conditions of parts. If you feel that the cleaning is almost done during the ultrasonic cleaning process, you can first adjust the power knob to the minimum, and then press the ultrasonic working button. Generally, you can directly turn off the ultrasonic power supply
9. Post treatment of ultrasonic cleaning machine
directly take out the cleaning basket and rinse the cleaned parts with clean water. After that, place the parts and components in a fan or air drying machine for air drying until they are completely dried in the gap channel. Some manufacturers directly use double tanks, one tank for ultrasonic cleaning and one tank for water rinsing or spray cleaning, which saves the trouble of moving around
10. Treatment of cleaning agent of ultrasonic cleaning machine
when the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean many parts, the content of oil sludge in the cleaning fluid is very high. Coupled with the emulsification of ultrasonic, the cleaning fluid will be turbid. In this way, not only the secondary pollution of parts, but also the cavitation of ultrasonic will be weakened. At this time, the liquid containing cleaning agent should not be used anymore
some factories have environmental protection water treatment systems, which can be refined and discharged; According to the cleaning output, some units buy Gute ultrasonic brand ultrasonic cleaning machine and add filter circulation device to filter impurities while cleaning, so as to improve the production efficiency; Others put the cleaning solution of the day into the water storage bucket and add new cleaning solution the next day after precipitation. It should be said that all three methods can help reduce the use cost
11. Auxiliary function of soaking before ultrasonic cleaning
many parts cleaned, such as cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, turbocharged turbine, intake and exhaust pipe, have carbon deposit or oxide layer, which floats on the surface. Light parts are easy to clean, while heavy parts are more difficult to clean. Therefore, the necessary soaking and softening process of parts will make the next stage of cleaning get twice the result with half the effort
12. Auxiliary functions of ultrasonic cleaning machine
when cleaning the accumulated tiny flake, granular and complex parts, a combination of multiple functions can be adopted, such as cleaning, throwing up and down, cleaning while rolling the basket, pulse cleaning every few minutes, pause soaking and then cleaning.

Mingyang ultrasonic editor will answer for you:
precautions for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine
(1) the power supply of ultrasonic cleaning machine and electric heater must have a good grounding device
(2) it is forbidden to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or solvent in the tank, which will cause air vibration and scrap or damage the vibrating head
(3) for cleaning equipment with heating system, it is strictly forbidden to turn on the heating switch when there is no liquid
(4) it is forbidden to strike the bottom of the cleaning cylinder with heavy objects (iron parts) to avoid damage to the chip of the energy converter
(5) one 220V /50Hz power supply shall be used separately for the power supply of ultrasonic generator, and a voltage regulator above 2000W shall be equipped
(6) the bottom of the cleaning cylinder shall be washed regularly without too much sundries or dirt
(7) do not put your fingers into the cleaning tank during the operation of the cleaning machine, otherwise you will feel tingling or discomfort
(8) each time the liquid is replaced, the parts can be washed only after the ultrasonic wave is started
(9) use clean water or aqueous solution as cleaning agent. It is absolutely forbidden to add alcohol, gasoline or any combustible gas into the cleaning machine as cleaning agent. The company cannot be responsible for the fire and explosion caused by this
(10) the best way to achieve the best ultrasonic cleaning effect is that the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be 30 ~ 50 ℃, and the cleaning agent should be correctly selected according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents and chemical reaction cleaning agents. Water based cleaning agents are usually used most. Different cleaning times are selected according to the pollution degree and dirt nature of the cleaned objects.

the use method of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very simple ~

1 Put the articles to be cleaned into the cleaning basket of the cleaning machine, and then put the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank. Do not put the articles directly into the cleaning tank to avoid damaging the equipment and cleaning effect
2. According to different products or cleaning effects, pour cleaning solution, water or aqueous solution in proportion. The minimum water level shall not be less than 60mm and the maximum water level shall not exceed 80mm
3. Connect the 220V /50Hz power three core socket and connect the power supply

4. Turn on the sw
itch button of ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the green switch is on, indicating that it works normally
5. According to the cleaning requirements of articles, turn on the temperature control of ultrasonic cleaning machine for temperature regulation
6. When the temperature indicator light goes out and the heater meets the required requirements, the heater will stop working. If it is lower than the set temperature, the heater will continue to heat automatically
7. When the heating temperature reaches the product cleaning requirements, the cleaning timer can be started, and the working time of the timer can be set according to the product cleaning requirements

8. Generally, the cleaning time of articles is 10 to 20 minutes. For workpieces that are difficult to clean, the cleaning time can be appropriately extended to ensure the cleaning effect
9. The timer position can be adjusted arbitrarily within 1-20min or in the normal position. Generally, the cleaning time is 10 ~ 20min. For parts that are particularly difficult to clean, the cleaning time can be appropriately extended
10. After cleaning, take out the cleaning basket from the cleaning tank and wash it with warm water or rinse it in another warm water cleaning tank without solvent
11. Dry, store and assemble the articles after cleaning

the above is the introduction to the basic operation method of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Some product functions can be understood through the manual or consulting customer service.

how to complete the cleaning work by ultrasonic wave
ultrasonic cleaning uses the socialization, acceleration and direct inflow of ultrasonic wave in the liquid to directly and indirectly affect the liquid and dirt, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified and stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning At present, cavitation and direct flow are more widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines
(1) cavitation: cavitation is the transmission of ultrasonic wave to liquid in the form of high-frequency transformation with the interaction of compression force and pressure reduction more than 20000 times per second When the pressure is reduced, the phenomenon of vacuum nuclear bubbles will be produced in the liquid. When the compression force is applied, the vacuum nuclear bubbles will produce a strong impact force when crushed by pressure, so as to peel off the dirt on the surface of the cleaned object, so as to achieve the purpose of precision cleaning
(2) direct inflow: the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave flowing along the propagation direction of sound in liquid is called direct inflow When the sound wave intensity is 0.5w/cm2, the naked eye can see the direct inflow, which is perpendicular to the vibrating surface, and the flow rate is about 10cm /s. through this direct inflow, the micro oil dirt on the surface of the cleaned object is stirred, and the cleaning solution on the dirt surface also generates convection. The dissolved solution of the dissolved dirt is mixed with the new solution to accelerate the dissolution speed, which plays a great role in the handling of the dirt) For the ultrasonic cleaning machine with high frequency, the cavitation effect is not significant. At this time, the cleaning mainly depends on the acceleration of liquid particles under the ultrasonic action to impact the particles for ultra precision cleaning of dirt


first prepare a household ultrasonic cleaning machine, and then proceed to the next step. I’ll use the most detailed method to finish it one by one


open the upper cover of the machine, and then fill the machine with an appropriate amount of tap water (just cover the cleaned things)


after adding water, add a few drops of detergent, which is the detergent used for washing dishes. Just stir it by hand. Or use something else instead of stirring


connect the power cord of the machine to the power supply at home, and then the machine display will show numbers


when the machine displays the number, we need to set the machine cleaning time. Generally, it takes 180 seconds to clean the glasses. The machine can be set to 90-180-280-380-480 seconds in total, so you can set it flexibly. The machine has three keys in total, one is the design time, one is the function of degassing, and the other is the on key. Very simple


prepare the dirty glasses we tested. You can see that there is dirt on the glasses, and then put them into the ultrasonic cleaning machine we have prepared. At this time, the water is still clear


this is the working state of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for glasses. When it works, it will make a “squeak” sound. This is the sound of ultrasound. The water in the machine will have a little ripple. At this time, the water begins to become turbid. Because the dust and oil on the glasses are slowly falling off…


after cleaning, we take out the glasses and have a look. The dust and oil on the glasses are gone. At this time, the water in the machine is dirty, and obvious dirt can be seen. This is the effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is the best method at present, and will not hurt the glasses. It is an environmental and scientific modern cleaning method.

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