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How to write post standard operating procedures

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I. post standards cover a wider range than safety operation procedures
1. Position standard is a standardized description or description of a specific position. It generally includes the following contents:
(1) work ID. (2) Work overview. (3) Work activities and work procedures. (4) Working conditions and physical environment. (5) Social environment. (6) Work permissions. (7) Performance standards for work. (8) Terms of employment. (9) Qualifications
2. Safety operation rules are rules formulated for the specific production and business operation process of a position for safety reasons. From the scope of contents involved, it can be said to be a part of the post standard
II. The purpose and starting point of formulating post standards and safety operation procedures are different. The post standard is to understand the description of the post, and the safety operation procedures are the specifications for operation for safety purposes. Each post has corresponding post standards, but not all posts are dangerous. Therefore, not all posts need to formulate safety operation procedures.

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