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How to write the package design plan?

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It’s about making a series of packaging

refer to the following points:

the theme of the packaging should be clear (what product is used to package)

for the product, it should be clear whether the packaging is mainly used to protect the product or promote the brand

if it is the main protection product, analyze the material and structure, such as what material is used, such as pit paper, which can better protect the product

if it is mainly promoting the brand, choose the materials and processes with exquisite printing

the content of the package, according to the product, highlight the logo, product name, some product details, bar code and so on

select suppliers for quotation, proofing, confirmation and production

what is the inspiration, why do you use the shape you use as the shape of the package, and how to highlight the characteristics of the product

just make it clear how to do it and why to do it this way instead of that way.

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