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How to write the work plan of the packaging team leader in 2017

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in the new semester, the class plan

looking back on the last semester, the overall academic performance of our class is different from that of other classes. In terms of industry rules, most of the students are good in nature and decent in style, but some students have loose style and have problems such as defiance of elders

there are many problems in classroom discipline, which seriously affect the construction of the study style of the whole class. The class cadre work is not implemented in place, which makes some students form small groups, which is detrimental to the class style and appearance of the class

the following is the plan based on the shortcomings of last semester and the new ideas of this semester

I. overall goal

1 Establish a good class style of seeking practice, diligent and inquisitive

2. With the efforts of every student in the class, let the results of our class go to a higher level

II. Sub goal

1 Study style construction

① establish a learning center

select students with excellent grades in the class, and other students can ask them questions they don’t understand. In their spare time, the members of the center will help the backward students to implement one-on-one to improve their grades

② set up a daily question

use a corner of the blackboard as a learning platform, set up a daily question column, and three science course representatives work together to set questions during class and explain after school, so as to fully mobilize the students’ learning enthusiasm through problem setting and problem solving

③ establish the early reading system

“the plan of the day is in the morning”, and the weather is getting warmer day by day, so it is decided to use 30 minutes in the morning to practice and accumulate for subjects such as English or Chinese that need to be memorized

④ formulate the score plan

first calculate the average score of the first exam of the class, and then make the average score of the second exam above, so that we have a clear goal. If the result of the second test falls back, find out the reasons and give corresponding measures

I hope that by the mid-term examination of this semester, the average score of science can narrow the gap with other classes; In the final exam, the scores of each subject can be parallel to those of other classes

⑤ review and summarize regularly

summarize the learning situation every month. First, let the students inspect themselves to see if they have mastered the knowledge learned in this month, and then divide them into three groups; The first group is mastery, the second group is basic mastery, and the third group is non mastery

let these three groups of students study and discuss, summarize the reasons for gains and losses, let other students learn from and improve, so that each student in the class can explore their own learning methods according to the actual situation, and promote the formation of a good style of study in the class

2. Class management

① strictly implement the shift leader system, and two class cadres are responsible for the hygiene, discipline and study of the class on that day every day

② carefully record the class diary and comment after school every day. Make sure the problem doesn’t last overnight

③ the monitor is responsible for the statistics of students’ absence every day, and timely report to the head teacher if there is any situation

④ in addition to being responsible for various charges, the life committee should also do a good job in the custody of class property, remind students to take good care of public property, and ensure that there is no malignant damage in our class at the end of the semester. In addition, he is also responsible for closing the door, lights and windows when the class goes out

⑤ the cultural and entertainment committee made the activity plan of the theme class meeting in advance before the semester, and now it has initially set up the Thanksgiving mother during the “March 8th” women’s day; Thanksgiving nature on arbor day; The grateful society when learning from Lei Feng

3. The construction of the Youth League Committee

① while maintaining the good situation of last semester, they began to think about more hot topics with a sense of the times, a sense of innovation and close to the students, and carry out discussion and research, so as to improve the enthusiasm of League members’ activities

② in terms of social practice activities, as in the previous semester, carefully complete every contact with the society, so that the league members can better exercise themselves and cultivate their sense of responsibility in the activities. Make the league members more loving and learn to care for the people around them

③ in each blackboard newspaper evaluation, we should not only complete the task on time and with high quality, but also report our blackboard more vividly. Let our blackboard newspaper better reflect the students’ usual study life and spare time life in terms of content, so that our teachers can learn more about the students from the blackboard newspaper. Achieve the purpose of communication between teachers and students

4. Environmental cleaning

① the students on duty every day insist on two delays and three sweeps in the morning, middle and evening

② the Labor Committee carries out classroom environment inspection every two classes. Requirements: * the glass doors and windows of the walkway shall be kept bright, the chalk slot shall be free of dust, the ground shall be free of garbage, the podium shall be free of accumulation, and the desktop (living cabinet) shall be free of accumulation

③ we hope that students can supervise themselves, pay more attention to the surrounding environment, often check their surroundings and clean them in time. Students sitting in the aisle should clean the garbage in time, keep the ground clean at all times, and build a good learning environment for themselves and others. The labor committee often urges

the above is the basic plan of our class in this semester. All the class committee and Youth League Committee will unite the students in the class, strive to complete the plan smoothly, and work with the head teacher to build a better class

×× Class committee and Youth League Committee

February ×× day

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