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Hunan what specialty delicious can be mailed ah

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I think qiaoganzi, I think the Maodou in Qiaode street can’t be mailed. I cry. What else is delicious to mail

there are too many specialties in every place in Hunan
I live in Changsha. I think Changsha is better for mailing these two
it’s not easy to pack Western Hunan bacon, blood raking duck, Dongjiang fish, etc.
from reality, both of the two I’m talking about have real empty packaging, and the famous spots of Hunan capital’s sauce salted duck in other places are quite good

first, taste dishes

common features: heavy taste, spicy, simple environment, full of diners

1. Unknown restaurant seems to have no need for me to say. Its business is terrible. Go into the alley, and the third one is not bad

next to Shangri La bar on cai’e South Road

2. Fried meat with chili is famous for fried meat with chili and chicken soup is also very delicious because there is no sign

on the right side of Yinyuan seafood on Furong North Road
3. The south side of Guangji Bridge near Tianfu finance department
3. Zhao Ji should actually be called “Qian Si flavor chicken”? Specialties: flavored chicken, flavored pheasant
next to Changsha computer city
4. A small shop in Xingsha, in the alley behind Hongxiang building next to the provincial mobile command center
specialties: fried beans with eel
5, fish and eggs in the pioneer Hall of an old pot restaurant
6. Sanwei restaurant is a good place for disaster. The boss sits on the stage in person, eats and drinks with the disaster. If you want to do it, do it. If you want to be at home. Opposite to LouYuan Hotel on Xiangchun Road, bamboo flavored yellow duck barking and coriander cold kidney flower
II. Local characteristics
1. Liuyang steamed dishes
(1) the first “North America”, amiling in zuojiatang, most of which are steamed dishes
recommendation: all kinds of soup taste good. Be sure to taste the mountain wine in wooden barrels in the store. I can drink one pound every time. (
(2) there is a steaming restaurant near the Himalayan store, which is also good. Who knows the specific address, please add
2. Ningxiang taste snake
(1) Jiulong Yutou city is called Yutou city. In fact, what is delicious is snake, especially mixing noodles with the remaining juice,
very delicious
3. Yongzhou blood duck
(1) from the bottom of Guangji Bridge to Changling, There are two small shops that eat Yongzhou blood duck. They don’t remember their names. They are all very
4. Changde bowl dish
(1) Dafeng and
(2) Furong have not eaten for two years. I don’t know how to do now
5. The yellow duck in Changsha is
(1) Juzizhou ate it on the “old river bank” for the first few times. The taste is average, but on summer nights, the river breeze
Fishing fire and beer. A group of friends sing about wine and feel very good. It is said that there is another one that tastes better. Please remember the
supplement of the name
(2) there are several boats at the bottom of the Hexi bridge of the South Bridge. It used to be eaten on a ship called “stone mound”. Later, another one called “Zhang Lisi” opened next to
, which is also good. It’s not cold in the day or night. It’s windy on all sides in the river. It’s not pleasant
features: fish, river shrimp and mussels
III. other features
1. The “king of pig feet” in Yinhong community in Hexi of pig feet river is very spicy, so be careful
2. The “imperial” of houjiatang with braised meat. The braised meat is fat but not greasy, and the meat is soft
3. Barbecue “liangchongtian” opposite OSHA gymnasium
4. The “Shiping restaurant” on Xianggan Ziyuan road is not far from the right side of Ziyuan Road opposite Annex 2
5. “Yipin porridge”
6 at the South Gate of porridge, and “bodhi tree”
7 on the second ring road of Yutou. Mutton people’s home: at the intersection of Shaoshan South Road to Changtan expressway, the boiled mutton is great, which is better than “little fat sheep”
. What’s more, halfway through the meal, someone will hold a huge yellow pot – a pot at the bottom of a big pot, and everyone will rush up and break a piece
8, stir fried wax bird West Lake building, signature dish: countless strands, excellent knife skill
4. Snacks
1. Rice noodles
(1) in the alley opposite the people’s Hospital of nameless province
(2) Yulin rice noodles next to the north gate of Martyrs Park is also very famous, so there are traffic jams almost every day
(3) the rice noodles in a noodle shop are good in taste, many in weight, neat in size and large in size. It is recommended that
pepper crispy powder, which is fried with pepper, pickled mustard, shredded meat and mushrooms, is also spicy. If you put more vinegar, it will open your stomach more.
you can have just two bowls ~
2. Stinky dried rice: at the entrance of Shahe street, at the entrance of Xiangzi 50 meters to the north, at the stall of wuangjie
3. Beef kebab: a stall 20 meters away from the Lane next to Jiefang West Road, Business is excellent. You always have to wait in line

4. Beef miscellaneous soup: a small shop next to Chaoyang electric appliance city, where Beef Kebabs are also famous for a long time

5. Orchid beans: “Weng Budao” orchid beans lotus pond, Changsha No. 13 middle school entrance

6, steamed buns, steamed buns, etc.: steamed buns in Tianjin snack bar (next to Yang Yuxing in the bar street)
* There are not only meat, but also dried ginger and scallion.. The soup of xiaotangbao is fresh, not oily, and the lingering fragrance leaves teeth
~ ~
other pastries there are also very good ~

it is particularly recommended that the steamed bread in Tianjin snack bar ~ is made of old noodles ~ natural fermented sugar flavor ~ not the saccharin flavor of
elsewhere ~ ~ I like to find ~ 50 cents for each one at a time, which is cheap and appetizing. The steamed bread is very popular there, Dozens of cages a day don’t win

7 fish: Chigang Chong goes straight ahead. There is a street full of fish. The one I went to was called poetry

the weight is more than that of wujialing live fish village. It’s so big! The taste is also good, very spicy and enjoyable. If you want to eat, you must remember to ask the boss to add more taro tofu

spicy fish hotpot

opposite the gate of Hunan Daily, which is in the alley of gymnasium Road, there is an “old
Sichuan fish restaurant”,

Theme: the first floor of McDonald’s purchase strategy

I. French fries: the shelf life is 7 minutes
the standard is full boxes and bags, and the specific number of roots is: large potatoes, 76-84 roots, medium potatoes, 54-60 roots,
small potatoes,
38-42 roots. (Note: when the waiter puts the French fries in front of you, he immediately asks, “are the French fries in seven minutes?” The waiter will never dare to lie to you. If “yes”, there will be no mistake. If “no”, you will be immediately replaced with a new bag. Then he asked, “is the number of roots enough?” The simplest way is to count in front of the waiter.)

you can send it. Dongjiang fish can also be served with salted duck sauce. There are few others

bacon, pig blood balls!

Hunan specialties:
Hunan’s agricultural and forestry specialties are rich and colorful, mainly including Xianglian, Hunan tea, Camellia oleifera, pepper, ginger, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, Yimi, kiwi, ramie, citrus, Hunan yellow chicken, Xupu goose, Ningxiang pig, Lake flour, Hunan rice flour and other famous specialty varieties, including Jiyang, Lanshan kumquat, Xuefeng Mandarin, Qianyang rock sugar orange, Anjiang grapefruit, etc
Hunan embroidery and Hunan porcelain are the first specialty handicrafts in Hunan
Hunan is rich in specialties, mainly including: dried chili, marinated tofu, dried tofu, moldy tofu, stinky tofu, b
lood balls, dried sweet potato, dried bamboo shoots, dried bacon, Hunan bacon, Hunan pickled duck, Nanyue Yunwu Tea

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