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I want to do calligraphy and painting. How do I do it?

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whose calligraphy and painting is valuable? Send pictures and let me see. Don’t be cheated of the upfront expenses

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 please wait a minute ~ little match, sort out the answer 

 I. entrust the gallery to sell the paintings

 Real galleries play these roles, selling calligraphy and painting, promoting and packaging by contracted painters, guiding painters' creation through academic exchanges and analyzing market dynamics, planning exhibitions for contracted painters, publishing painting publications with their own characteristics, and so on

 2. Send it to the auction

 in fact, judging from the art market in recent years, the business of auction is becoming more and more difficult. First, the overall economic growth has slowed down in recent years, and people's funds used in the field of collection have been compressed. They are more willing to collect but less able. Even in the face of favorite works, they collect them carefully and become more and more rational


 Where did Nanjing buy these calligraphy and paintings 


 III. sell the exhibits after the exhibition

 selling paintings from exhibitions is the most important way for painters to sell their works in recent years. In some of my previous exhibitions, more than 80% of the artists' works will become collectors' collections through on-site transactions


 I want to sell as soon as possible. Is there a good way 


 small match received, please wait a moment 

 you can contact Nanjing Hans calligraphy and painting sales, Tel.: 400-600-9921 



 Beijing Hans International Auction Co., Ltd. 

 there is a guarantee marked with a guarantee period of 30 days. It is more reassuring to assist in safeguarding rights 

 and the acquisition of calligraphy and painting by Nanjing Cultural Relics store are free of transaction and charge 


 this is Beijing, I'm in Nanjing 


 this should be a company in Beijing, and there will be acquisitions in Nanjing 

 small match also found one for you: Nanjing acquisition of calligraphy and painting, acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting 

 minimum purchase quantity: unlimited 

 cash acquisition of online Jinan famous gallery, based on good faith and the purpose of civilized management of painting friends, 

 yiyuanzhai Gallery, Shizhong District 

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