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Introduction of PVC heat shrinkable film and its price, advantages and disadvantages

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PVC heat shrinkable film can often be seen in real life, including the role of PVC heat shrinkable film in catering industry and other fields. So the information that is popular today is about the basic knowledge of the product, including application scenarios, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, there are price parameters based on the perspective of consumers or other users. Interested friends may wish to start from their own actual situation and consider using it for reference. Maybe you can gain valuable knowledge

I. PVC heat shrinkable film

PVC heat shrinkable film is made of Vinyl PVC resin mixed with more than a dozen auxiliary materials and then inflated for two times. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, free adjustment of shrinkage rate according to users’ needs and strong operability

PVC shrinkable film is widely used in the packaging of wine, food, sporting goods, sterilized tableware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, handicrafts, building protection products, audio-visual products, drugs, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics and other commodities, so as to make its appearance more distinctive and beautiful, improve the packaging grade of products, and prevent dust Protective effects such as random flowers. It is an ideal film packaging material at present

II. Advantages and disadvantages of PVC heat shrinkable film

advantages of PVC shrinkable film:

1. Wrap the goods stacked on the supporting plate to make the packaging more stable, tidy and waterproof

2. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elongation, good self-adhesive and high transparency

3. Shrinkable film. The heat shrinkable film is mainly made of several different grades of polyoxyethylene resin, which has the properties of puncture resistance, super strength and high performance

When PVC film is used in winter, it shrinks very hard, for example, PVC film shrinks very little in summer; Some heat shrinkable films are easy to absorb dust and become opaque; Some PVC heat shrinkable films have short service life and are easy to age. They can’t stand the attack of wind and frost and sun exposure, and the surface is easy to crack

III. price examples of PVC heat shrinkable film manufacturers

1. Yuxin & nbsp; PVC heat shrinkable film manufacturer direct selling

starting price: ¥ 10

starting quantity: 200kg

brand: Yuxin

processing customization: Yes

material: PVC

Company Name: Linyi Lanshan Yuxin heat shrinkable film packaging material factory

2. Manufacturer’s shrinkable film & nbsp; PVC heat shrinkable film

starting price: ¥ 11

starting quantity: 50kg

material: PVC

specification: customizable

processing customization: Yes

Company Name: Changsha Youlian packaging Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

the knowledge about the basic plate of PVC heat shrinkable film introduced above As well as the price manufacturer’s example information, the reference is the content of the analysis from the perspective of the possible problems of users in the market, including the specification parameters of PVC heat shrinkable film, as well as the information from the perspective of application fields and other details. We can know that PVC heat shrinkable film has excellent use specifications and evaluation, and there are many kinds of related similar products on the market. Therefore, it can be said that it provides you with a variety of personalized choices. We might as well refer to the suggestions of professionals and obtain feasible product and scheme information through comparative analysis of multiple purchase channels

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