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Is it the first house to buy another house in Shanghai after the loan is paid off

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as long as you have a record of buying a house, they are two sets. There are also methods for the first set of two sets of packaging. The tax on the second set of housing in the trading center is the same, and one set made in the bank can be loaned 60% of the house price

detailed explanation of the purchase of a house with full payment under an individual’s name: in the past, only “loan recognition” was used, which was not considered as a second house, but now “house recognition” is added. Although there is no loan, as long as the real estate under his name can be found in the housing property right trading system, it will also be recognized as a second house without selling and applying for a loan
there is a loan under the individual’s name to buy a house, and then the loan will be used to buy a house. Detailed explanation: at present, the bank recognizes the second house as “house and loan”. That is to say, although there is no house under the family’s name after the house purchased by loan is sold, because it has a loan record before, applying for a house loan will also be counted as a commercial loan for the first house purchase, Detailed explanation on the use of provident fund loan for house purchase again: at present, the provident fund loan policy is also relatively strict. As long as the borrower has a mortgage record, whether the mortgage is settled or the house property is sold, even if the provident fund loan has never been used, the first application for provident fund loan will be regarded as a second house.

purchase restriction in progress!

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