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Is it true to be in debt? Anyone who has done it, successful and cheated, say it, thank you

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the money under debt is generally false, and the credit investigation has been hacked, so regular lending units will not give loans
expand knowledge: the relevant provisions on dishonest Executees
the object involved
if the executee fails to perform the obligations determined in the effective legal document and has one of the following circumstances, the people’s court shall include him in the list of dishonest Executees and punish him according to law:
(1) those who have the ability to perform but refuse to perform the obligations determined in the effective legal document
(2) obstructing or resisting execution by forging evidence, violence, threats, etc
(3) evading execution by means of false litigation, false arbitration or concealment or transfer of property
(4) violating the property reporting system
(5) violating the consumption restriction order<(VI) refusing to perform the agreement without justifiable reasons
actions that can be taken against dishonest Executees:
first, some high consumption behaviors are prohibited, including the prohibition of flying and train soft sleeper
Second, implement other credit punishments, including restricting loans or credit cards from financial institutions
Third, if the dishonest executee is a natural person, he shall not serve as the legal representative, director, supervisor, senior manager, etc
purpose of the provisions
the introduction of this judicial interpretation aims to guide courts at all levels to correctly and effectively use credit disciplinary measures, establish a list of dishonest Executees, urge dishonest Executees to fulfill their obligations as soon as possible, and promote the construction of social credit system
1. Enforce the deposit of the person applying for enforcement
2. The income of the person applying for enforcement
3. Enforce the shares and other properties of the person against whom enforcement is applied
4. Enforce the executee’s vehicle and other movable property
5. Enforce the debtor’s accounts receivable and other properties
6. Enforce the land, real estate and other real estate of the person against whom enforcement is applied
7. Force the person against whom enforcement is applied to return specific property
8. Double the payment of debt interest during the period of delay in performance and the payment of delay payment
9. Compulsory measures such as fines and detention
10. Restrictions on entry and exit
according to Article 3 of several provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on restricting the high consumption and related consumption of the person subjected to execution, which came into force on July 22, 2015, the following high consumption is restricted: when taking the means of transportation, choose all seats of aircraft, g-prefix EMU train, first-class and above seats of other EMU trains, soft sleeper of train and second-class and above seats of ship; High consumption in hotels above star level, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places; Purchase real estate or build, expand or decorate high-grade houses; Rent high-grade office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places for office; Purchase vehicles not necessary for operation; Travel and vacation; Children attend high fee private schools; Pay high premiums to buy insurance and financial products; Other consumption behaviors that are not necessary for life and work.

seriously, preparing for war means being in debt. Now it’s debt or loan. I suggest you don’t go about signing, or handling bank cards, carrying credit cards, spending and borrowing. If you do this, your money may basically be cheated. Basically, if you can’t afford to pay the interest, you’ll be dead. That’s it. Then no one tells you to pay the interest, But after a long time, the interest will be more and more, and then you will die.

it’s normal to be cheated. Now there are so many people in the country. I don’t know how many people have been cheated. I’ve been cheated anyway. However, after being in a hurry, nothing has been solved. It’s not only for yourself. Depending on your luck, you’d better choose to call the police. If the police pay attention, they may recover the loss.

it’s just that the credit investigation is black and no one gives you any more loans. You can work for yourself to make money. Then, don’t believe that the 45 day package of debt service is deceptive. You can’t get a penny

depending on what kind of debt you owe, banks, companies, or others, you rarely get 3 million, but you get hundreds of thousands. Then you have to pay all your debts by yourself. If it’s a bank debt, you say to sign a free exchange agreement. If it’s really free, people in the bank would have let their friends and relatives pay their debts

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