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Is there a plastic factory in Hainan

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there are more than 50 plastic products factories and 9 large-scale plastic products factories in Hainan Province. All plastic factories are as follows: Hainan dehaili plastic products Co., Ltd. Hainan Yucheng energy-saving valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. Haikou Longhua daily plastic factory Deyang Dongfang plastic products Co., Ltd. Hainan Tianren degradable plastic Co., Ltd. Haikou Chengxing Plastic Co., Ltd. Haikou Longhua Senbao paper products factory Haikou Qiongshan Changlong plastic factory Haikou Nanzheng plastic products Co., Ltd. Yangpu jihongtai geosynthetics Co., Ltd. Yunnan Dongfang plastic Construction Co., Ltd Hainan international gold leaf plastic packaging products Co., Ltd. linggao Luyuan Co., Ltd. Danzhou branch, Hainan state owned West Liu farm plastic products factory, Hainan Zhonghai petroleum Plastic Weaving Co., Ltd. Chengmai Fuxian town Fuguang plastic factory, Hai Nanchang Jiang Changshun plastic products Co., Ltd. Haikou Yong Yun Lai foam packing factory Haikou Longhua Chao Hong foam packing factory, Sanya Hai Ken plastic foam factory, Hai Hai green plastic products Co., Ltd. Packaging Co., Ltd. Haikou Meilan Zhendong plastic factory Haikou Kailida plastic packaging Co., Ltd. Hainan Tunchang Jinhuang Plastic Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huangyan Dongfang plastic factory Yangpu water Co., Ltd. Hainan Salt Industry Corporation Tianxin company Haikou Xinjian plastic products Co., Ltd. Haikou Dayuan Tourism Technology Factory Haikou Meilan jinmeida plastic packaging factory Hainan Mingsheng Trade Co., Ltd. Hainan Modern Enterprise Co., Ltd. Hainan Minglong agricultural industry and Trade Co., Ltd Ltd. Haikou Xinghui plastic products Co., Ltd. Haikou linxiong materials industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Haikou Jinlu fluoroplastic Products Co., Ltd. Longtang plastic factory Shenzhou Dongfang packaging agent factory Haikou qiongshunda Plastic Co., Ltd. Danzhou qiongfu Plastic Co., Ltd. Hainan state-owned Nanlin farm weaving factory Hainan Dongfang Fuchun plastic products Co., Ltd. Longjiang farm textile bag factory Hainan state-owned Xinxing farm plastic textile bag factory Hainan Modern New Materials Co., Ltd Hainan Daji steel plastic board factory Sanya Haifa foam factory Hengda foam plastic product factory Haikou Zhongfu container Co., Ltd. Hainan Nan Bao plastic products Co., Ltd. Sanya Jiahe packing material Co., Ltd. Hainan Zhi Xing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huangyan New Oriental Development Co., Ltd. Hainan Yu Cheng energy saving valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hainan modern Plastic Film Co., Ltd. Hainan Xinxing Plastic Factory Haikou kangdali shading net Co., Ltd. Hainan sanuo Industrial Co., Ltd. Hainan Lixin liquefied gas steel plastic sleeve Haikou Boli Agricultural Trade Co., Ltd. Hainan Salt labor service company Haikou Zhongnan bottle embryo Co., Ltd. Hainan Tunchang Fengyi xinshenwei Plastic Co., Ltd. Hainan Nanbin plastic weaving factory Qionghai Dongping plastic products Co., Ltd. Danzhou Wenda automatic woven bag factory Wanning Shuisheng mineral products processing factory ding’anhai Ken East Plastic Factory Ltd., Zhubi Jiang farm textile bag factory, Hainan provincial state Chai Chai farm plastic factory, Haikou Guangdong Sheng Hai Shan packaging products Co., Ltd. Haikou Chang Shi Plastic Furniture Co., Ltd. Sanya hondar Shun Packing Products Co., Ltd. Hainan Baoting County Ji Li foam products factory Haikou Yinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Hainan Tokushima Packing Co., Ltd. Five Fingers Group Hongda Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Textile factory Hainan Nanzheng plastic products Co., Ltd. Hainan Hongji shuleshe board Co., Ltd. detailed manufacturer profile website: /mashup-30-mashup-27-p1

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