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It is said that food safety is now very tight, as well as the requirements for food packaging

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Because many foreign friends will come to visit the World Expo, but they say that foreign friends have particularly high requirements for food. Now we pay more and more attention to sterile packaging? Are there any relevant regulations?

experts and officials from the food industry, research institutions and regulatory authorities at home and abroad gathered in Shencheng on the 9th to discuss policies and technologies related to food safety around the theme of the World Expo. Experts will focus on the research and application of new food safety technologies

the 2009 International Symposium on food safety and public policy and the Fifth International Forum on food safety were held in Shanghai on the 9th. Experts and scholars from the United States and European countries and more than 300 representatives of domestic food industry, research institutions and regulatory authorities attended the forum. Chen Junshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who food safety officials and Ren Zhushan, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of agriculture, all spoke on relevant issues at the forum

at the two-day forum, experts and delegates will focus on the theme of the World Expo, uphold the concept of “safe food and safe city”, and jointly discuss food safety and public policy, food safety risk assessment technology, food safety detection technology, food safety processing and information technology
with the holding of the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai has attracted the attention of the world. Xie Minqiang, deputy director of Shanghai FDA, said that at that time, ensuring food safety will become an arduous task facing Shanghai FDA

Shanghai FDA actively draws on the mature experience and advanced practices of food safety supervision in developed countries and continues to innovate. At present, various food safety work is advancing in an orderly manner. The overall qualified rate of food sampling inspection in Shanghai has increased year by year, reaching about 90% last year

it is known that the sampling quantity of food in Shanghai has reached 7.8 pieces per 1000 people, far higher than the level of five pieces per 1000 people recommended by the World Health Organization. Xie Minqiang said that Shanghai’s food safety is generally in a stable, orderly and controllable state

Xie Minqiang pointed out that food safety is not only a major public health problem, but also a social problem. The long-standing technological “bottleneck” is an important factor affecting China’s food safety. He said that the “bottleneck” not only affects the health of the Chinese people, but also seriously affects the image and product competitiveness of China’s exported food in the international market

due to the increasing packaging requirements, food companies are looking for good packaging. Nasco is a sterile food packaging bag from the United States, which is considered to have a high degree of trust.

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