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LCM packaging method

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to see how large your LCM module is, you can customize the special box. Single LCM products can be packed in an anti-static foam bag (Hai Mian). After loading a LCM product, the packing box grid is preferably separated from each other, so that it will not be damaged. This specific should also be discussed according to the product.

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Detailed discussion on blister packaging
I. main classification of Blister products

1. If it is classified according to the thickness of materials, it can be divided into
a. the thickness of ordinary thin blister is 0.14 ~ 5.0mm – mainly the folding and half folding of various materials and effects such as PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), pet (including APET and PETG), PE, BOPS and recyclable paper holder Three fold, cylinder, folding box, heaven and earth box, high cycle and other non thermoforming Blister products are widely used in food, medicine, electronics, toys, computers, daily necessities, cosmetics, machinery and hardware industries are mainly used for pet, plastic cabinet, plastic cabinet and other products with thickness of <0.0mm, It can replace injection molding products and has the characteristics of low mold cost (only 1 /20 of injection mold), short production cycle and short mold development time (generally only 3 ~ 5 days)
the reason why we do not classify the types of materials is that there are some differences between ordinary thin blister and special thick blister, but PVC, PP, PS and pet occupy a place in these two types of Blister products, which can be called the “Four Heavenly Kings” of the material family of Blister products
PVC hard sheet has moderate toughness and is not easy to burn. Chlorine gas will be produced during combustion, which will have a certain impact on the environment. PVC is easy to heat seal. Sealing machine and high-frequency machine can be used for edge sealing. It is the main raw material for the production of transparent blister products
PS hard sheet has low density, poor toughness and is easy to burn. Styrene gas (a harmful gas) will be produced during combustion, Therefore, it is generally used to produce various industrial blister pallets
Pet hard sheet has good toughness, high transparency and easy combustion. It does not produce harmful gas during combustion. It is an environmental protection material, but the price is high, which is suitable for making high-grade Blister products. The blister shell in European and American countries generally requires pet hard sheet, but it is not easy to heat seal, which brings great difficulties to packaging. In order to solve this problem, people compound a layer of PVC film on the surface of pet, It is called PETG hard chip, but the price is higher
PVC sheet is a widely used and popular material. PVC film can be divided into food grade and industrial grade, and can be made into transparent, color, anti-static, gold plating, flocking and other sheets for vacuum forming. It is characterized by high transparency, good surface gloss, less crystal points, small water lines, wide use, strong impact resistance and easy forming, The finished products meet the food hygiene standards of FDA and PL in Japan. The finished products are widely used in the outer packaging of toys, food, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery and other products

Introduction to PS sheet and its products
PS sheet is a new environmental protection packaging material developed in recent years. With its excellent thermoforming performance, good impact resistance, environmental protection and hygiene performance, it is widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronics and clothing
main features:
1 Low static electricity generation, suitable for packaging products requiring low static electricity
  2. It is easy to form in vacuum, and the product has good impact resistance
  3. It has good hygienic performance and can be in direct contact with food without harmful and unhelpful effects
  4. It is easy to color, and can be made into materials with different colors to produce vacuum covers with different colors
  5. The hardness is good. Compared with other sheet materials with the same thickness, the hardness of this sheet material is better. The thermoformed cup can be used as a hot and cold drink cup
6. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled. When burning its waste, it will not produce harmful substances harmful to environmental growth
main purpose:
1 Low generation of static electricity (e.g. electronic products…)
  2. Food packaging (such as beverage, candy and meat packaging)
3 Dairy products (dairy products packaged in polystyrene sheet containers can be put into the cold storage and are not easy to deteriorate;)
hips performance parameters:
specific gravity: 1.04g/cm
tensile strength: longitudinal ≥ 26mpa, transverse ≥ 24 MPa
impact strength (no notch): 18kJ /m2
heating size change (no transverse) <4%
Vicat deformation temperature: 90 ℃
hygienic performance meets: gb9689 Standard
transparent PS performance parameters:
specific gravity: 1.04/cm
tensile strength: longitudinal ≥ 26mpa, transverse ≥ 24 MPa
protective strength (no notch): 18kJ /m2
heating size change (longitudinal and transverse) <4%
light transmittance: ≥ 85%
hygienic performance meets: gb9689 Standard

Introduction to PET sheet and its products
Pet sheet is a new material developed in recent years. With its excellent toughness, high strength, high transparency, recyclability and excellent environmental protection performance of burning without producing harmful gases, Gradually being greatly influenced by consumers and producers; Comply with the trend of environmental protection
main features:
1 It has excellent transparency and smoothness and good display effect
  2. Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to press patterns, easy to metal treatment (vacuum metal plating)
3 It has good mechanical strength
  4. It has good barrier performance to oxygen and water vapor
  5. It has good chemical resistance and can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemicals
  6. It is non-toxic and has reliable hygienic performance. It can be used for the packaging of food, drugs and medical equipment, and can disinfect the packaged articles by y-ray
  7. It has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently; When burning its waste, it will not produce harmful substances harmful to the environment. The thermoforming performance is good, which is equivalent to that of ordinary PVC sheet. Pet thermoforming products with excellent performance can be prepared by vacuum forming; PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material meeting the requirements of environmental protection
performance parameters:
1 Density 1.33g/cm, oxygen permeability 4-4.5cm * mm /(m * 24h * 0.1MPa)
2 Tensile strength longitudinal 53mpa moisture permeability ≈ 3G * mm /(m * 24h)
transverse 53mpa maximum service temperature nearly 70 degrees
3 Fracture elongation: longitudinal 250%, transverse 250%
4 Change of heating dimension: longitudinal ≤ 5%, transverse ≤ 5%
5 Transparency ≤ 3%
6 Hygienic performance meets the requirements of gb13113-91
main uses:
electronics, food, toys, color box windows, collar brackets,

Introduction to PP sheet and its products
PP sheet is made of PP resin through beer out, calendering, trimming and other processes, with light weight, bright and calm surface, good heat resistance,
high mechanical strength With excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation and non-toxic characteristics, it can be made into daily necessities such as beverage cup and food box after hot forming
main features:
it can be used for a long time at 100 ℃ and can withstand the treatment of high-temperature bacteria at 121 ℃. It has outstanding moisture-proof performance and reliable hygienic performance. It is widely used in food packaging. It has excellent folding performance and can be made into stationery clip, box, etc

performance parameters:
item unit index remarks
density g /cm 0.96
tensile strength: (longitudinal and transverse) MPa ≥ 20.0
tensile elastic modulus: (longitudinal and transverse) ≥ 8x10x
impact strength (notch) longitudinal kJ /㎡ ≥ 7.0
impact strength (notch) transverse kJ /㎡ ≥ 3.5
Vicat softening point ≥ 120 ℃
longitudinal dimension change rate * /(%) <60
hygienic properties meet the requirements of gb13113-91
2. If classified according to the properties of materials, they can be divided into
ordinary materials, environmental protection materials, cold resistant materials, anti breaking materials, conductive materials and anti-static materials
3. If classified according to the effect of products, they can be divided into
transparent materials, color materials, gold plating materials and flocking materials
antistatic materials are usually PVC, PP, PS and PET materials. Of course, PE materials can also be used; Conductive materials usually use PP, PS and PET materials; Flocking is usually made of PVC and PS
flocking (flocking) material and its products:
flocking (flocking) material is a kind of material used more in recent years. It mainly uses PVC and PS materials as negatives and plants various colors of wool on the sheet. It is mainly suitable for some noble and beautiful products (such as cosmetic inner holder, mobile phone inner holder, foreign wine inner holder, glasses box, etc.)
gold plated (silver) materials and their products:
gold plated (silver) materials are mainly plated into gold or silver on various materials and eye materials. They are not used for some high-end food packaging and Christmas decorations (such as moon cakes, chocolate, Christmas clock models, etc.)
4. If classified according to the structure of products, they can be divided into
bottom support, inner support, outer cover, suit, card insertion, card suction, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, half folded bubble shell, three folded bubble shell, cylinder folding box, heaven and earth box, high frequency, ultrasonic, process blister (such as wall calendar, surface tools, etc.) and model blister (such as car, ship model, TV back cover, etc.)
card insertion packaging refers to the packaging form of inserting paper cards and transparent bubble shells folded on three sides. It is characterized in that no packaging equipment is required during packaging, and only workers need to place products, bubble shells and paper cards in place
the problems needing attention are:
1 The size of the paper card and the bubble shell folded over the edge is appropriate. If they are inserted too tightly, the paper card and bubble shell will be deformed; If it is too loose, it will be easy to break away
  2. When the product is too heavy, it is necessary to consider using staples to fix the paper card and the bubble shell at a certain position
card absorbing packaging refers to the heat sealing of the bubble shell on the surface of the paper card with plastic absorbing oil, which is commonly used in supermarket battery packaging. It is characterized by the need for blister sealing equipment to package the product between the paper card and the bubble shell
the problems needing attention are:
1 It is required that the surface of the paper card must be coated with blister oil (so that it can be thermally bonded with PVC foam shell)
  2. The foam shell can only be made of PVC or PETG sheets
  3. Because the bubble shell is only adhered to the surface of the paper card, the encapsulated product is not easy to be too heavy
double bubble shell packaging refers to the packaging form that uses two bubble shells to package the paper card and the product together. It is characterized by the need for high-frequency machine to seal the edge of double bubble shell, low efficiency and high packaging cost, but the edge is neat and beautiful, and the product appearance is high-grade
the problems needing attention are:
1 Only PVC and PETG films can be used for the bubble shell, otherwise it cannot be heat sealed or the heat sealing effect is poor
  2. The quality of the edge of double bubble shell is determined by the quality of high-frequency die

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