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Light steel keel automatic on-line packer and stacker are urgently needed

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Our factory produces light steel keel and wants to change manual packaging to full-automatic online packaging

keel automatic stacking and packaging production line: our company specializes in an automatic production line for 2-6m keel, aluminum pipe and other building materials industries, which has many labor, low obedience and R & D. It adopts the workflow of automatic buckle automatic rectification, automatic arm stacking and automatic plastic steel binding, automatic /efficient /stable automatic stacking and packaging line. This production line is controlled by PLC, with high degree of automation, progress and obedience, saving manpower, Reduce labor intensity, reduce costs, reduce personnel injuries, and better adapt to the competition of the industry

& nbsp

II. Technical parameters:

1. Applicable products: keel, aluminum tube and other long objects

2. Product length: 2-6m (longer)

3. Whole bundle quantity: set

4. Baling speed: set

5. Power specification: 380V, 50 /60Hz

6. Applicable width: 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 110, 630, etc.

7 Baling machine: standard or sword strapping machine (whole stack)

8. Baling belt material: plastic steel belt, PP belt and other materials & nbsp

9. According to the requirements of customers, non-standard customized automatic baling lines and other automatic equipment

Hebei Langan automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd

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